Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Radio profile Kjell Alinge is dead – Radio Sweden

One of the Swedish Radio’s most famous voices of all time, Kjell Alinge, has died.

For more than 30 years, he made the “Eldorado”.

Singer-songwriter Eva Dahlgren worked with Kjell Alinge in Eldorado.

– He took care of me when I was young and scared rock poet from Nynashamn. He took me into the radio studio and did some really beautiful recordings with me. I was around 20 and not so comfortable with my voice at that time. It was soft and friend and low, but Kjell saw something in it and used it, says Eva Dahlgren.

– He turned on my mind of my own voice, and for that I will be eternally grateful , she says.

What he has meant to the radio Sweden?

– He made a radio in their special way. Radio program that you just longed for. He was the one who showed, just like with my voice, you do not have to follow a special preset course. There were millions of ways to make the radio on, lot of ways to sing on.

Anders Klint Hay, producer at Radio Sweden met Kjell Alinge 70s.

– It feels strange he is not curious anymore, he says to Kulturnytt. (Listen to the interview further down in the article)

It was, for example, in “Eldorado” of synth-pop group “Adolphson and Falcon” had his breakthrough, and before the “Eldorado” did Alinge success with another radioman – Janne Forssell – in their class homes of the 70′s.

Swedish Radio CEO Priscilla Benkö says Kjell Alinge was one of SR major music profiles.
– He is a person that very many of the Swedish Radio listeners indirectly feel they know and which many may associate with and who many knew who it was, she said.

– When talking about him as a radio man, I think it excelled Kjell, and that he was pioneered, was that he could combine the twinkle in his eye-programlederiet-journalism as both attracted to laughter and maybe a tear sometimes with an incredible knowledge. It made him this credible wizard, the man wanted to hear, the man wanted to follow.

Kjell Alinge born in Arvika in 1943, but moved already four years old. He has lived both in Kristinehamn, Karlskoga and Västerås, but growing up years were spent mainly in Hässleholm, and he has lived in Stockholm since 1959th

Alinge began working at an advertising agency in Stockholm, but after sending some script ideas to Radio Sweden in the early 1960s, he gradually start producing their own radio programs.

Alinge began work on SR’s youth editorial team in 1963 and participated in programs such as “zig-zag” and “Zzzummer”. In the early 70s he led “At home …” along with the radio personality Janne Forssell, but mainly Alinge known for the “Eldorado,” which began airing in 1980.

The program, whose motto was ” the night’s entertainment and stellar music, “aired until 1993, and then return between 2006 and 2013. It was including in” Eldorado “of synth-pop group Adolphson & Falk got his big break, and when Titiyo released her genombrottslåt” Man in the Moon ” 1990 chose Alinge to only play the song during the program two hours.

Swedish Radio’s former CEO Lisa Söderberg went on the college while Kjell Alinge. She says he was part of the emergence of popular culture in Sweden, avant-garde in the genre, and he was a social critic if you listened carefully, she says.

– He was a warm, nice man with a great heart, and he was stubborn – he would not compromise, says Söderberg who was also his manager that the P3 boss for a few years in the early 90s. (Listen to the interview at the bottom of the article)

Alinge won several awards during his career, among other things, he was awarded the cultural price Spelmannen 1990 and Big Radio Prize honorary award in 2013.

Many loyal listeners expressing their grief over Kjell Alinges death in social media.

“Kjell Alinge is dead. void extent after him are hardly comprehensible. Unique, gorgeous, talented, limited. Thanks for everything !! EVERYTHING!” writes artist Lisa Nilsson on Twitter.

Kjell Alinge was 72 years old.


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