Monday, January 18, 2016

Hasselhoff sings Kung Fury song on Guldbaggegalan – Vasterbotten Courier

Fun Telegram There will be American entertainment Guldbaggegalan. David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff on stage when Swedish film praised tonight.

David Hasselhoff appearing on Guldbaggegalan at Cirkus in Stockholm tonight. American recording artist and television star sings namely the song “True survivor” of the nominated short film “Kung Fury” from Umeå, but will possibly surprise with something more on the stage.

– The plan is to He will perform with his song from “King Fury”. It can get a little secret, but if everything works out, he will do some funny things, says Anna Wilborg, presents sans-term SVT, to Aftonbladet.

Although Eva Dahlgren plays at the gala broadcast on SVT.

“Ove” is the favorite

Film-wise, it Hannes Holm crowd favorite “A man named Ove” and Peter Grönlund’s critically acclaimed “Thief of honor” that has received the most nominations: six each. “Ove” compete among other things, the award for best movie along with Magnus von Horn’s “Aftershocks” and Sanna Lenkens “my little sister”.

Even Lisa Aschan’s film “The white people” are well positioned for the gala, just as “my little sister” has five nominations. “Aftershocks”, where the singer Ulrik Munther plays a young murderer, has four nominations.

In the short film category, at another Västerbotten Related films take home the prize, namely Amanda Kernells praised Stoerre Vaerie / Northern Storfjället.

In the category for best mask / makeup can Umeå Son Love Larson and colleague Eva von Bahr, also Oscar-nominated for the same prize, winning.

Petra Mede leads the gala, which is the 52: th order, for the fourth time.


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