Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kjell Alinge is dead – Aftonbladet

The radio profile Kjell Alinge is dead, reports Swedish Radio.

He was found at his home on Sunday.

Alinge was 72 years old.

After sending some script ideas to Radio Sweden in the early 1960s, Kjell Alinge began to produce their own programs.

For nearly 50 years thereafter were heard Alinges voice in various music programs on Swedish Radio.

– It is one of the biggest profiles in the Swedish Radio that passed away. It excelled Kjell Alinge was that he created a relationship with the audience. He could do radio with a twinkle in his eye and a lot of knowledge. He was a trustworthy guide, says Cilla Benkö , managing director of the Swedish Radio.

Led “Eldorado”

Most famous he was for the program “Eldorado” where including synth-pop group “Adolphson and Falcon” had his breakthrough. The band’s Christmas song “More Christmas” was played at the very start of the radio program.

– It was a joy to be involved at boot time. For us, cooperation with him all the start, says band member Anders Falk Nöjesbladet.

Falk remembers above all Alinge of cooperation during the 80′s.

– I will remember him as the clever person. Even when I spoke with him, he was shrewd. And he wrote incredible texts during this period. We were impressed by him, he says.

Even for the artist Titiyos career was radio personality is important. When she released the breakthrough song “Talking to the Man in the Moon” chose Kjell Alinge that only play it during the program two hours.

Kjell Alinge also led “Back home” in the 70s together with Janne Forssell .

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“Where not sick “

The wife Helen Skinner tells Aftonbladet how she recalls Kjell.

– As a very good, talented, warm, kind, sincere person. A husband to trust. He was reliable in wet and dry, she says.

It was sometime during the night of Sunday as Kjell Alinge went away.

– There was suddenly this. Kjell was not sick, says Helen Skinner.

2013 took Alinge received major radio prize honorary prize.

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