Monday, January 25, 2016

Maria Blom makes farce of refugees – Vasterbotten Courier

Culture Telegram “A darn long weekend” is a farce about refugees. A delicate balancing act, in other words. Director and playwright Maria Blom says that the aim is to do comedy with content.


Age: 44

Born: Taby

Lives: Falun

Occupation : Director, playwright and screenwriter.

Background: Got a minor breakthrough with the plays “Scabs” and “Dr. Coconut love lab” at the City Theatre. Her film adaptation of his own play “Masjävlar” hailed by critics and attracted large audiences in 2004. This was followed by several films and theater.

Current: Have premiere at the farce “A darn long weekend” January 30 at the Kulturhuset City Theatre in Stockholm .

“A darn long weekend,” which will premiere at the Culture City Theatre in Stockholm, January 30, we meet Bibbi, a mediocre hygienist in middle age played by Kajsa Ernst. Occasionally looking Sullan past for help with the laundry, it is Bibbi alcoholic sister who is portrayed by Ann Petrén. Something like passing life.

Refugees in the basement

But one day made life on the head when Bibbi asked if she could hide refugees in the basement. An equally relevant as serious topic. Maria Blom, however, orthodox enough, chosen farce form for his story.

– I felt that there is a lack of farce and outspoken comedy that has content, says Maria Blom says she got the idea long before the refugee disaster.

– Honestly, I do not know if I had sat down and written this way today. Then I had enough fegat out, says Maria Blom, who is well aware that this is an issue that requires the utmost tact.

– But I really think we have succeeded. This is the first time I write something with a farcical up. It is only now that I understand how far it is from what I have written before.

“Accidents at work”

Many have laughed heartily at Maria Blom’s earlier works, then the movies as “Masjävlar” and plays as “Dr. Coconut love lab”.

– The difference is that before, I have always written seriously. Since it has become fun.

You mean that the comedy has been an accident at work?

– Exactly! A blessed accident at work. But this time, the starting point was “now I’m going to be fun.” Which also serves as a promise to the audience. If no laughing then I have failed, says Maria Blom after she crossed the finish with the theater project hopes to begin work on directing a new feature film.

– I had thought that I was not to write my next movie, so now is a little different projects and bubbles while waiting for me to take hold of them.


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