Monday, February 1, 2016

No contract – TV channels dimmed – Helsingborgs Dagblad

The two parties blaming the switch-off of each other. According to Discovery, Telenor has chosen to remove channels from their television packages.

– Telenor informed us on Sunday evening that they do not want to negotiate. Despite that we have long been in negotiations, they have not come up with any bid in two weeks, said Discovery Network’s press officer Dan Panas said.

– Everything we wanted in negotiations with Telenor’s been a fair valuation of our programs and channels on the same level as all the other distributors. They have not agreed to, he said.

Telenor says it will no longer be Discovery’s permission to broadcast the channels.

– What is the basis for this is Discovery’s requirements leads to the large price increases for our customers, but it also means that our clients have to pay for channels they do not want, says Aron Samuelsson, Head of Bredbandsbolaget, TT .

He hopes a quick solution, but can not give a precise forecast of how long it will take before customers can view the channels again .

– If you look at the previous conflicts that Discovery has been involved in with the other operators, it has taken between one day and one week. But we can not give any guarantees, says Aron Samuelsson.

– It is in the interest of both parties to find a solution. This is of course a tactic to put pressure on us, that we are aware of.

Although Discovery want they see that customers are given access to the channels as soon as possible.

– We are saddened to Swedish viewers get caught up in this. From our side, we work hard at an early solution, said Dan Panas.


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