Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Swede was Bowie’s last greeting: It was obvious – Aftonbladet

Johan “Stakka Bo” Renck had no intention of saying no to David Bowie.

During the six months grew Bowie’s last greetings presented in the form of music videos.

– There is no greater, he says the “Culture News” on SVT.

He had not done music videos for several years.

But when the David Bowie got in said Johan “Stakka Bo” Renck yes immediately, he told SVT.

– The was obvious to say yes. If there have been any pop artist that I dreamed of making a music video for it’s him. Not John Lennon, not Michael Jackson, there’s no bigger than Bowie says Johan Renck of Culture News The Per Sinding-Larsen.

Skypade and sent drawings

In half a year, they sent drawings to each other, communicating over Skype and slowly grew the two music videos for “Black Star” and “Lazarus” forward.

Renck describes the collaboration as amazing and fun and the star of English and biting.

– He is enormously intelligent, the most brilliant man I have ever met actually. There are no pending impacts where he pretends to be creative, it was just curiosity. I could ask “what’s that?” “I do not know, but I like it.”

“Have not talked to the outside world”

Last Friday was released as the album ” Black Star “where the videos are the first. The album has been hailed by critics.

But on Sunday, fell asleep giant in after 18 months of battling cancer.

– He has not talked to the outside world for a reason I guess, so I really want not to say … I’m not his voice out in any way, but the collaboration with him was fantastic, says Johan Renck to SVT.

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