Tuesday, November 17, 2015

“Around Lans” revue closed down – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: TT

It was last week that “Kringlan”, which also calls itself the K Svensson, expressed serious threats to Aftonbladet’s cultural section Åsa Linderborg and freelance journalist Victor Ore on Twitter and Podcast “All My Friends”.

“We strongly reject the K Svensson’s statement and we must take steps now that we were not at all prepared when we had the rehearsal start of the revue a week ago. Although K Svensson had a strictly professional tasks from the theater, along with Valle Westesson, and the revue neither about him or reflect his personal views and values, we can not move forward with a material that he co-authored, “says theater manager Petra Brylander in a press release.

Malmo City Theatre, together with Valle Westesson instead started work on a completely new revue to be called just “A new revue”.

In the past, both Aftonbladet that P1 completed his collaborations with “Kringlan” Smith. Cartoonist Nanna Johansson has also announced that she alone will finish the fantasy trilogy that she and Svensson started.


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