Friday, November 13, 2015

Hakan-release get the fans to rage – Göteborgs-Posten

The second ticket release to Håkan Hellström arouses anger and frustration on social media.

Vips so the tickets out. Again. Many are those Hakan fans that disappointment had to stare at the statement that “the tickets to Håkan Hellström moment is over”, despite the hopeful logged on TicketMaster according to the rules.

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On Ticnet’s Facebook page, the criticism is not merciful:

“If you sit on the side since 8:30, end up in the queue at 9am where queuing go from 0-30 minutes to 30-60 minutes more than 60 minutes, how is it then that people who step into the sex 09:04 get tickets before? This is hell worse than standing in liftkö with the Germans. Parody! ” writes Johan Silfverswärd.

“I can live with that I did not get a ticket. The fact that your system is so rotten lousy, I have, however, difficult to digest. A tip for the future is that you make it impossible to resell the ticket (only back to you for the same price). Then maybe people do not need to have it as a business concept that PINCH Hakan tickets noses of Göteborg. “writes Richard Allvin.

” How hard can it be? Do as vasaloppet and let people just book a ticket on his personal number so get all the ticket at a reasonable price, is now forced to the purchase of the block of 3-4 times higher price. Redo right !!! “writes Conny Janne Andersson.

The fans also hope a concert, given interest.

” election were timely with concert !! Can he sell the full two occasions so swelling a third no problems !!! Hope he has his heart in Gothenburg and want to do this for all of us who were without tickets again “; writes Annette Hector.

Ticnet message to all upset is the text: “Sorry to all of you who did not get tickets today, it was incredibly many who wanted a limited number of extra tickets.”

GP looking TicketMaster for comment.


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