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Has never been more important to see Madonna – Aftonbladet

The quiet minutes.

“Like A Prayer”.

There has probably never felt more important and politically to see Madonna than right in evening.

In an interview with Irish radio commented Bono of U2 terrorist attacks in Paris.

He noted that most who died were in concert with the metal band Eagles of Death Metal, and said:

“It’s the first time that music hit in the so-called war on terror, or whatever it’s called. It’s very upsetting. It could be me at a concert, it could be you at a concert, in that very room. “

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The point is that the terrorists do not attack military, political or financial goals anymore. They murder in everyday environments, people relax and catch our breath. And Democracies vulnerable freedom shines rarely stronger or expressed better than just music.

Totalitarian regimes and movements hate pop concerts. Above all pop concerts that embrace freedom, those who challenge the prevailing norms and rules and questioning authority.

From this perspective, Madonna must be one of the terrorists’ worst enemies. Her whole act is profoundly political. She has that few others fought for feminism, human rights and sexual equality. Given her violent public position – control the hatred that Madonna must have endured for example, have taken a stand for women’s and gay life and rights since the 80′s is probably impossible even to imagine.

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I saw the same show in Berlin earlier in the week, and the complaints are of course not disappeared.

The pace poor introduction, the most impressive to the eyes and not your ears. Madonna’s penchant for metal guitars are incomprehensible. She has found a form and dramaturgy for their shows that basically has not changed since 2006. The overall feeling is confusingly similar tour after tour, although she replaces songs, clothing and props.

But pop never exists in own bubble. Pop absorbs always the reality. And given Paris feels the performance even more charged. It is as if the point with Madonna has become clearer. The

she does stand for and sing about, is precisely what is under attack.

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After Latin party “Dress You Up” is she also a long speech about Paris. Madonna has tears in her eyes, she says she struggled through the concert and that she was considering to set.

She asks for a minute of silence.

Since Madonna makes an unforgettable ” Like A Prayer “. The timing is dazzling. It is as if a giant lift up the whole arena and shakes.

The air takes almost fire.

The concert do not lose the coals for it.

It feels like People have been frozen since the news of Paris was spread with viral speed on Friday night. But in the last song “Holiday”, the audience begins to thaw and dance seriously.

Just like “Like a Prayer” will be a collective and joyful tribute to Madonna’s personality and artistry, music and disco, dance floor sex liberation and community.

And it is beautiful.


Mike Tyson on the monitors. Samurai with steel cross. A popikon in the cage.

Madonna burn as much effort as two Olympic opening ceremonies of the first song. The stage design feels like a spoiler of the action in “Game of Thrones”. War of the Iron Throne is over. Madonna won.

Bitch I’m Madonna

Madonna dress code of geishas, ​​crunk and J-Pop. But a “na-na-na” and låttitelns slogan makes no song. Video filmed Nicki Minaj is the proceeds.

Burning up

fierce version of the old diamond. But the terrible metal guitars … they make me want to pick up the lighter fluid and make a Jimi Hendrix – burning them.

Holy Water

Nuns in underwear . Stripping Closes in the form of the Christian cross. A text about, yes, we can say female holy water. Liberating blasphemy that lifts when “Vogue” begins to thunder through the arena.

Devil spray

Småfånigt, theatrical numbers. But anyone who gets into LSD, limsniffning and the Virgin Mary in a pop song is worth a small round of applause.

Body shop

This tough car service needs renovation and review their procedures. The staff at risk of falling asleep under the hood.

True blue

The dancers will show you the six-pack and breasts – two men and a woman – before sugar sweet 60-talspastichen performed ukulele. The melody is right irresistible.

Deeper and Deeper

Swing Beat and house pianos lands in stabbing Latin guitars.

Heartbreak City

Some threatening electrical minutes of jealousy and dumped the heart.

Like a Virgin

Personally I think that it significantly redesigned version – it consists mostly of drums and thumping bass – is rather phenomenal. The old hit single fitted simply with a new operating system from the 2015th

Living Leaves email

EDM in bullfighting clothes and fenugreek? Why not? This risk certainly sounds to sink one of the best songs from the latest album “Rebel Heart”. It sounds canned. Whoa jar.

La isla bonita

Latin Pop, and the Hispanic audience, has always had a central place in Madonna’s career. But she has surpassed “La Isla Bonita”? Doubtful.

Dress You Up

Madonna transforms some early darlings, including “Into the Groove” and “Lucky Star” into a swirling Latin inferno.

Like A Prayer

And after a blazing and tearfully impassioned about the terrorist attacks in Paris and a minute of silence makes Madonna … this. And which version.

What a fabulous version. So insanely redemptive and perfect.

Rebel Heart

The energy of “Like a Prayer” turns into this too. A statement on the star’s career.


Sounds like a thunderstorm has made disco song tonight.

candy shop

Once again, the show is a little better for your eyes than ears.

Material Girl

Although ” Material Girl “made up of musically so that the beat sounds today and not in 1984.

La vie en rose

Anyone who does not believe that Madonna can take tons should have been here. Very emotive version of Edith Piaf.

Unapologetic bitch

Madonna plays Rihanna.



Liberté, égalité, fraternité. And the sisterhood and disco. In the evening strengthened the “Holiday” its position as one of the greatest pop songs.


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