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Charlie Sheen: “I have HIV” – Aftonbladet

Charlie Sheen has HIV.

He reveals the disease after being pressed on millions of former friends because they would keep quiet.

– I trusted them, but my faith turned to their betrayal. There is money taken from my children, he told NBC.

Charlie Sheen , 50, has been HIV.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today Show”, he says that he was diagnosed four years ago.

– There are three difficult letters to bring in, a turning point in one’s life, he says.

The first symptoms were severe head pains.

– It started with headaches, migraines, and I woke up sweating in bed. I thought it was a brain tumor, I thought life was over.

The actor has made headlines by outbreaks, and writings about alcohol and drugs. He says that the chaos was going on during the time he found out about the disease.

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was pressed on money

He has tried to keep disease from the public.

Rumors about the disease, however, has flourished in the industry in recent times.

– I have to stop this barrage of attacks, half-truths and malicious information about I threaten many others’ health. It could not be further from the truth, “he says.

He has told about the illness of their loved ones, and now tell that some of them he told pressured him to a total of over 70 million.

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– I trusted them. They were close to me, I thought it could help. But my trust turned to their betrayal. I have paid the people, not many but enough that there would be millions of it. It is money taken from my children.

A prostitute should have taken a photograph of his medicines in his bathroom and threatened to sell them to the press.

With the unveiling hope he avoid more threats of extortion.

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Informed their sex partners

He says he informed all his sexual partners about the disease.

– Yes. Without exception.

Asked if he had unprotected sex with someone, the answer is:

– Yes. But the two had it had been in touch with my doctor and was informed.

After the interview raged, however exet, the former porn star Bree Olson in an interview on the Howard Stern Show and says that Sheen is lying.

According to her, told Sheen never about the disease even though they had a sexual relationship around 2011.

– I left the business for him. We were together every night, but he said nothing. “I’m clean, I’m clean,” he said, she said.

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Tar four tablets a day

Sheen’s doctor Dr. Robert Huizenga confirmed for NBC that Sheen has not reached the AIDS stage. Virus levels in his blood are not detectable.

Those who today suffer from HIV can live full good, almost normal, life. Sheen takes four tablets a day, something he will have to do the rest of his life.

– My biggest concern about Charlie, the patient is his addiction and depression he received after being diagnosed, says Huizenga.

An addiction could mean that Sheen miss taking their medications, according to him, he does not use anymore drugs and occupies only moderate amounts of alcohol.

Daughter “took it hard”

When he was diagnosed, he called directly Brooke Mueller that he was married until 2011. He encouraged her then to test themselves. Neither she nor their twins have been affected.

He also told her oldest daughter.

– It took her hard, but she is recovering. She is tough as his dad. I said I was sorry that I told you earlier, but I did not want bekrymra her with it. She took it as a rock star, says he is close to tears.

Now he wants to spread information about the disease.

– It is not my intention to become a public face for this, but I do not intend to escape from my responsibilities and the opportunities I get to help others and tell. But I will choose my tilfällen gently and respectfully, he said.

After unveiling praised Sheen by his friend and journalist Piers Morgan :

“Bravo, Charlie Sheen, it took courage. I am proud to be your friend. “

Matex support

Krishanteraren Howard Bragman went out during Monday evening with the data that Sheen is sick to People.

– The interview can create sympathy for Sheen, but he should also be worried about legal action from former partners, he tells People.

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Sheen would not be surprised if he be brought to justice.

– If I have to prepare myself for the worst How this has been so far, I am sure it is the next step, he says to NBC.

Matex Natalie Kenly , however, expressed their support already yesterday.

– He is not a monster. He cares about people and cares about people. He would not risk the health of women on purpose, she tells People.

– He loved all of us, he cares. He is a good man and I feel fortunate to have spent the time we had with him. I am so sorry to hear about his health problems, hope he’s all right.

Six million per section

Charlie Sheen has many great roles behind him during his career, including in “Hot Shots,” “Platoon,” “Anger Management” and “Wall Street”.

With the TV series “Two and a half men”, he became one of the world’s best paid actor with a salary at over six million per episode.

Charlie Sheen has among other things been with the actors Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller and pornstar Scottine Rossi . He has previously admitted that he abused drugs and that he has bought six.

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