Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thieves broke into Christer Björkman – Aftonbladet

Someone, or few, has broken Melodifestivalen General Christer Bjorkman.

Among other things, the thieves brought with them jewelry.

– The Of course it’s a hassle, says Christer Björkman.

of Christer Björkman and husband Martin Kagemark came home Monday evening as they made the unpleasant discovery.

“Burglary at home and throughout the bedroom upside down. Broken window and all the jewelry is gone. We really do not have time for this right now. Fucking burglars, “writes Martin Kagemark on Facebook.

Christer Björkman do not know exactly what is missing yet.

– We have not had time to check it out yet, we can not do it before the police has made a technical study, he says to Aftonbladet.

“Clearly it feels bad”

Christer Björkman is right now busy planning for the Eurovision Song Contest next year and the burglary could not therefore be more untimely.

– Of course it feels bad, he says to Aftonbladet.

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