Friday, November 27, 2015

Here shock Simon Zion Anders beetle – Aftonbladet

The semifinal of “Idol” is in full swing.

As the shocked Simon Zion jury with his version of U2′s “One”.

– I’m almost a little sad, says Anders Bagge.

In the evening, the “super troika” Amanda Winberg 19 Simon Zion , 26, and Martin Almgren , 27 shatter when the two “Idol” -finalisterna to run.

In tonight’s program is the jury who selected songs and when Simon Zion sang U2 and Mary J Bliges “One” was the jury close to speechless.

– I was a bit shocked because I think this was so damn good. I’ll try to explain why it was so amazing. I did not miss Mary J Blige at all for you wore song all by himself. You nursed it tenderly like a baby in your bosom, and I had such a desire to carry you forward in life you are so damn good. I am almost a bit sad, happy sad, says Anders Bagge .

Laila Bagge was she too lyrical.

– This the best thing you’ve done. Your voice came into its own and the distortion that I love was there again and again and presence on stage. You had platsat on the globe.

Alexander Bard , thought Simon Zion did U2 classic to his own.

– Full satan what you put it. Also, you get extra nice tonight.

“It was magic”

But Amanda Winberg and Martin Almgren was praised by the jury.

– I knew you had it in you, it was magic. Earlier tonight, I asked if I could get something that I could go with something cynical record company in the United States and show up. So will this. This was not Lana del Rey it was Amanda Winberg that touched me deeply, said Alexander Bard her version of “Video Games”.

Martin Almgren sang in turn Adele’s “Hello” which got Anders Bagge to giving the singer a new nickname: “Prince Martin”.

– I got a huge sense of knights, Irish views, princesses are sad and so will you in and saves them as Prince Martin. You and Adele have two things in common, you have fire in your hair and fire in his voice. You deliver incredible.

Idol semifinals in 2015 Ram: “Because we did it”


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