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“I love every moment ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

Charlotte Rampling is not one of those actresses who complain of fewer roles for older women.

The next year she fills 70 and told TT:

I do not think about aging. I find that I work more than before and I will be offered amazing roles.

Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling plays married couple for 45 years in the drama” 45 years “. PRESS IMAGE. Agatha A. Nitecka

Charlotte Rampling as Kate in the marriage drama “45 years”. PRESS IMAGE. Agatha A. Nitecka


Facts: Charlotte Rampling

Born: February 5, 1946 in Essex, England.

Family: Two sons since previous marriage to actor Bryan Southcombe and musician Jean Michel Jarre.

Career: Has been shooting in England, France and Italy. More recently, she appeared in the TV series “Dexter” (2013), Lars von Trier’s “Melancholia,” “Heading South” (2005) and often in François Ozon’s films.

Current: In the role of the married Kate, who may need to reassess their marriage and life in the “45 years”, who receive Swedish theatrical release on 4 December.

This week we can see Rampling and Tom Courtenay, 79, in the drama “45 years”, which will premiere on Friday. They play Kate and Geoff, a couple who will celebrate his forty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Just before get Geoff a letter, where he learns that they have found the body of his former girlfriend, who for more than fifty years ago disappeared during a hike in the Swiss Alps. She had fallen and killed himself and has now found frozen into the ice.

Flips on everything

This turns upside down on Geoff, who starts thinking over what could have been, and whether he should travel to Switzerland to retrieve the body. And this obviously affects Kate’s relationship to him on the eve of the feast.

I read the script right through immediately, which I do not usually do she says when the TT meet her at the Berlin Film Festival (where she and Courtenay few days later to win the festival’s two acting prices). The director Andrew Haigh suggested that Tom Courtenay would play the other lead role, and I thought immediately that it was a brilliant idea.

Both Rampling and Courtenay has long relationships to draw experience from. Charlotte Rampling has two ex-male and lived with the French businessman Jean-Noel Tassez since 1998 until his death in October this year. She knows how everyday life can look like in long relationships.

What we say to each other, how the silence and gaze after so many years sometimes might replace words.

“We just did the”

There’s a sex scene in the film, about which Charlotte Rampling says:

We did not talk about how we would do it, we just did it.

Charlotte Rampling made their film debut in 1965 and has since made more than 100 film and television roles. After the “45 years”, she has already made a series of films and a role in the second round of the TV series “Broad Church”.

All that I previously made has taken me where I am today, and I love every moment of it.

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