Saturday, November 14, 2015

Guards in iron ring before Madonna’s gig – Expressen

The security has been tightened up considerably on Friday night’s Madonna concert at Tele 2 Arena after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Guards has struck an iron ring around the arena, and the area is protected by a security fence.

While checking security personnel visitors with what is said to be metal detectors.

At least 129 people were killed and about 180 people were injured during Friday evening’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

Ahead of Saturday evening’s Madonna concert at Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm the security situation raised. Already on Saturday afternoon confirmed the organizer taking steps.

– We have close and frequent dialogue with the relevant authorities and police, and follow the course development. But at the same time it is very important to emphasize that there is no threat to the concert or the venue, said Kristofer Akesson Live Nation then

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Now the guards struck an iron ring around the arena. It has also built a security barrier about 30 meters from the stadium, according to Expressen photographer on location.

Security personnel check the visitors with what is said to be metal detectors before entering the arena area. Visitors searched up also by guards.

According to Expressen photographer on location says visitors that the guards “looking for metal.”

Live Nation would not comment on the security arrangement.

“We do not comment on details about our safety,” writes Kristofer Akesson in a text message.

Madonna arrived at the stadium at quarter past four times during a large-level security. According to eyewitnesses, circulated when the 50 guards outside the stadium.

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The artist was entered through a back door. Guards are deployed to pick off overly inquisitive people, and also stops people trying to get a glimpse of the star through the windows from a ledge next to the arena.

– There is an unusually high level security. I have never seen so many guards on Tele 2 Arena. It is surely 50 guards outside the stadium, holding positions, said an eyewitness in place.

On Twitter Madonna has written about the events in Paris.

“We are all immigrants. We are bleeding all the same color. We are all ONE. Pray for peace. In Paris and in the world, “she wrote on Twitter.

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