Sunday, November 22, 2015

TV4 ignored Kleerup scandals – Aftonbladet

Kleerup’s career has been marked by drama.

But when TV4 finally got to him it was a completely scandal-free programs.

– We wanted tell a different story, says Martin Nygren, executive producer.

Kleerup has been one of TV4′s dream name to ” So much better “for years.

– We have tjattrat a couple of years, says Kleerup to Nöjsbladet.

Once he emerges in the hit program, it is without talking about the scandals that exploded around 2009-2010.

At the Grammy Awards in 2009 exploded a cocaine scandal when he won three awards but then left the event upset after tavern Commission policemen asked for urine samples of the artists.

Five days in coma

The following year, created his involvement in an interview with “News Morning” watching the storm where people wondered if the star was under the influence. Since then, he has distanced itself from the drugs in several interviews.

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– It is true that I do not drink wine, and so long, he tells Resumé’s reporter then.

2011 he went to he made of two million of cocaine and then had to be taken to hospital after a suicide attempt.

The year after he collapsed at home with his mom and was taken to intensive care with severe pneumonia where he lay for five days in a coma.

According to TV4′s executive producer, it was never necessary to bring the dramatic events in the program.

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– We felt at a fairly early stage that we wanted to tell a different story about him that felt a little fairer with more focus on his musical acquisitions. Those issues, he has been told to lead. We usually do not have any policy that you have to talk about everything, he says.

“No coincidence”

One of the comments Kleerup had for its involvement was that the other participants would be.

– the end it was still half my wish they took. It was an amazing cast they took.

What were your wishes?

– It was Sven-Bertil, Niklas, Lisa, I think. It is meticulously castat, there is no one who is there by chance.

You seemed to bond well with Miriam too.

– Yes it is lil ‘sis, big sis .


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