Friday, November 20, 2015

Who does Martin joined in the finals? – Aftonbladet

Axel greeted home.

And Simon found the home.

When Amanda and Martin stood and stomped showed Zion finally who he wants to be an artist .

“Idol” -The production rambling about the participants’ songs specially written just for them. But after the Friday finals, the feeling is rather that at least some of the songwriters rooted at the bottom of the drawer and dusted off a dozen product that other artists have already declined.

For why else would Axel Schylström get a song in English, even though we followed “Idol” in the fall repeatedly heard him fall through in their worst English accent but briljerat in Swedish pop. I am convinced that that is what brought him in fifteen minutes.

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And why is missing otherwise a rap party in Amanda Winbergs song? That’s how she excelled and it is the thing that makes her unique compared to other young poptjejer that she can both sing and add a Nicki Minaj rap in their numbers.

The winner of the evening was the Instead Simon Zion . I have been wondering all season how he actually want to sound like an artist. I still do not know if it is like this, as in their own song “Losin It”, signed Jacket Erixson . But if that is so, he wants to leave, as a soft rocking Bruno Mars citric 80 talspastish with Max Martin -influenser, well then, he has found home.

The celebrations in the studio never seemed to end after his appearance, and suddenly I felt that I knew more about who Simon Zion is actually musically.

But then, says the winner of the evening nothing if the winner in the final.

Next week will be all about who does Martin Almgren companion to the final. It becomes Amanda Winbergs stone cool attitude and personal style or become the Simon Zion throughout the season showed great artistry on stage but until now also displayed its own musical style?

To Martin would not go to finals is about as likely as Alexander Bard next week would shave off his beard, put on his pants and invite all participants of the sugar candy.


Amanda styling . “Idol” -stylisten Sara Biderman surpasses itself week after week. Magical!


How could Axle get a song in English? I can not ask often enough!


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