Saturday, November 14, 2015

In Flames set in France – Swedish Dagbladet

After Friday’s terror attack down Flames in Saturday’s gig. Photo: Patric Ullaeus

– It’s on its own initiative, but also because of recommendations from the authorities, says the singer Anders Friden to SvD.

– We are far from Paris, but the state of emergency throughout France, we had played we would have needed to have armed guards in place. But we also know that we are not able to go up on stage, what should I say, how should I do?

You yourselves have played at the Bataclan?

– Yes, last year. This time we chose deliberately removed the major gaming locations for the more intimate. But the music industry is so small, we know people who have been shot. Now came our bus driver just in, he works on the same bus company driver who drove the Eagles of Death Metal. And the guy who sold merchendise has toured with bands we played with. Now he is dead.

Are you going to set more concerts on the tour?

– I do not know, we have not had the meeting yet. We travel on to Switzerland tonight. I’m not so eager to continue, but we have a lot of sold out gigs in front of us. There is quite a lot to take in today. We do this for people to forget their everyday lives, to dream away. And so they beat in the middle of a concert.

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(Le) Bataclan, originally Ba-Ta-Clan, are a landmark concert and event scene in Paris. It was designed by architect Charles Duval and inaugurated in early 1865.

Bataclan was , originally a concert café, later a cinema and then theater. Since 1983, it is again a concert hall. Its name refers to Ba-ta-clan, an operetta by Jacques Offenbach.

Swedish groups , who played in the club is in addition to In Flames, among others, The Hives and Randy. Saturday, November 14 would Deftones have stood on the stage.

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