Friday, November 20, 2015

Idol “-juryn:” A song of Swedish could have saved Shaft “- Aftonbladet

Axel Schylström had to leave the TV4′s “Idol”.

Jury member Laila Bagge think he went out in the specially written song.

– If he had a Swedish song he’d just as well have been able to remain in the night, says Laila Bagge.

Axel Schylström , 23 , was disappointed after the broadcast.

– I have felt better, it is clear that you are disappointed. You get to be sad and let it sink in. I could sing better, I was a little wobbly in the song. Movement-wise, I was satisfied although I got some criticism for it.

Idol jury with Anders Bagge 47 Laila Bagge , 42, and Alexander Bard , 54, had any objections concerning the specially written song that the record company decided to Axel Schylström. According to Laila Bagge song became his case tonight.

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– I would dare to go so far that he had had a Swedish song as his own song , with that nerve, the small tear that we usually talk about and he stands still, and run it, then he might have been left behind.

How it could have hung on a single song choice?

– Yes, I think so. For it’s so clear when you get up and running a house wallop with choreography that he is not finished, but if he is clean up and down and singing a song that moves, then he would just as well have been able to remain in the evening.

“I miss rap”

Part of the jury also criticized the song specially written for Amanda Winberg ; 19.

– I think verses was a transport route, a little tedious. Then I miss rap, that’s what makes Amanda unique, she can rap and sing simultaneously. The first song she had written to him should have contained a rap. After the song, she can sing the number of songs any time where she did not need rap, says Laila Bagge.

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Alexander Bard agree to some extent with Laila Bagge.

– The verse is a little secret and foam and it was perhaps suited Amanda better if she had plastered there, he says.

Amanda Winberg himself is pleased with the song.

– I feel no grudge against record company. They have produced an amazing song with amazing lyrics and found a chorus and an attitude in the song that I can stand for, she says.

Next week is the Simon Zion 26, Amanda Winberg and Martin Almgren , 27 which make up the two places in the final.

Aftonbladet have searched responsible at the record company Universal for comment.


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