Friday, November 20, 2015

Gina dirawi of julvärd nagging: “I wanted to be first” – Aftonbladet

gina dirawi this year julvärd SVT.

Host secured the place already this spring.

– I called in April for not could say that the asking someone else before, she says.

It is usually about when you get the call from SVT.

But gina dirawi , 24, takes things into his own hands.

Now she, förtuom to lead the Eurovision Song Contest and the Music Aid, also this year julvärd SVT on Christmas Eve.

– I contacted those in charge of it and came up with the proposal. I said I really love wanted and that I love Christmas, she says.

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They said you had been nagging!

– Now, is there anyone who spreads rumors, I have not been nagging, I came up with a proposal, ha ha. Now let me like a desperate woman in a beautiful dress but I’m not, I’m just sitting here in a beautiful dress.

“calming effect”

But Dirawi had a plan call to SVT.

– I know when the decisions are taken in this house and I wanted to be premature. I called in April that they would not be able to say that they asked someone else before. Then I knew that I had been the first proposal, and so they had to take a position on it since, she says.

How did it when you called?

– “Ah, ah, ah, think about it.” I just “what is there to think about,” and the only “ah, to think of it, we’ll talk about it.” They’ll be a bit difficult.

It may turn up a guest during the day in the box, but the form being worked out right now.

– I would like to talk about different things, missing but also hope. It feels like it is needed right now. I want to talk about the emotional state that you have around Christmas but also that everything will be fine in the end, she says.

– My mother always said ‘yes, life is hard and it shits itself at times, but it will be good in the end. ” And it’s nice that someone says that sometimes. It’s a little turbult but it will be fine. So I want to be some kind of calming effect.


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