Monday, November 23, 2015

The children taste their way in history – Sydsvenskan

With the children’s journey through time, as parents and pilots, Lotta Lundgren and Erik Haag, the hardworking couple from SVT “Historieätarna”.

– When we did “Historieätarna” we discovered how little covered children’s story. So I suggested SVT a kind of “Historieätarna” for children, and was told “Or do you have a Christmas calendar”, says Karin af Klintberg, the calendar’s director and producer.

The food also does an important role in all sections, in both rich and poor environments. The children have been chewed and sörplat itself Anchusa arvensis and fish gruel, beaver and anchovy pizza.

– The weirdest food was rabbit says 9-year-old Sabina Walldin, as in section 40′s years of war bravely accepted that even a pet can end up in the pot during rationing times.

But Sabina, for day dressed in a silk dress with hip pads and powdered wig, just like Oliver also had to be of royal birth. Therefore, she knows what it’s like to have a corset tightened on the waist. She also knows how it is to be served calf ears and coffee for breakfast.

– The kids have really worked hard and endured both the one and the other when it comes to uncomfortable clothes, awful food, tricky conditions , stupid, parents, and hard work, concludes Lotta Lundgren.

Unlike “Historieätarna” meals are only a part of all children experience and reports . The calendar is the history of all the senses, and ranges from midvinterblot and mining to small crappy things.

– One of the small children’s high impression of living like a slave one day it was not serfdom but getbajset she got tight holes in the wall of said Erik Haag.

Oliver responds without hesitation when asked what was the best with the time travel:

– When Gustav Vasa, my dad then came in and made me King – it was the most enjoyable experience. I had not expected it!


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