Thursday, November 19, 2015

Corrosive cargo at the port soon secured – Göteborgs-Posten

A container loaded dangerous goods hung literally in the air in the Skandia port in Gothenburg late into Thursday night.

One person was slightly injured by a fall during proofing work.

Emergency services were called shortly after 13 o’clock on Thursday to APM Terminals, the container port in Gothenburg. The alarm was an emission of hazardous substance.

But something emissions had not taken place.

– A container had been hanging in the air during loading. Normally, it will hang in the four chains, but for some reason it had been hanging in just a chain. If the deficiencies falling container into other containers with hazardous materials, says Peter Engström, Chief of Staff of emergency services.

Emergency services intensified as work with the secure container .

– We have now secured three of four cables. In short, we can hopefully put the container in place, said Lars Lundqvist at the emergency services, around at 19.

An hour later, however, the container is not yet assured.

– It is better than initially but not completely clear yet, said Lundqvist.

Even at 20 o’clock work continued.

– We have the same staffing remains that throughout the day, explained Lars Lundqvist.

One person was injured during efforts to secure the container.

There is a man in his 40s, who was taken to hospital. During the evening announced the SU’s press office that it was a relatively minor injury.

The man has a position within the port organization.

The Hanging container is loaded with alkaline batteries. But in the hold are other containers containing sodium, dangerous goods number (UN number) 1289th

– It is a substance that is corrosive and flammable, says Peter Engstrom.

The boat loader in the container port named Shanghai.

Emergency Services Greater Gothenburg had four stops and about 25 firefighters on the scene.

APM Terminals has shut production in the Shanghai area until the container is in place in the cargo space.

The entire terminal area is a protected, fenced and closed to the public.


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