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Claes Elfsberg moved after the last “News” – Aftonbladet

On Monday evening, made the news anchor Claes Elfsberg his last transmission is in SVT’s News.
After the broadcast hug, he was with colleagues who sang “He’s a jolly good fellow”.

– It feels a little sad and melancholy to leave a job that I really enjoy, he says.

Claes Elfsberg turned 67 in November and therefore he is forced to leave his permanent employment at SVT. Monday evening, he was the host of his last “News” and at the end of the broadcast was shown a small potpourri from his time at SVT. It Claes Elfsberg not know was that the closest colleagues had gathered outside the studio to thank him. When the news anchor stepped out of the studio, they began to sing “He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and Claes Elfsberg was noticeably moved when he hugged her colleagues.

– It feels good, a little bittersweet like that. A little sad and melancholy to leave a job that I really like but it’s also great fun to be courted, get a drink and beautiful flowers and so, he says to Aftonbladet.

“It has been like an extended family “

Claes Elfsberg started working on TV in the 1970s, and after 40 years on the” Report “he has been called” Mr. Report “. In recent years he has also been the host of “News” and it’s tough for him to leave his colleagues.

– It is among the worst. Here I have enjoyed very good. It has been like an extended family where I felt safe and happy. I’ve had fun with these colleagues who not only are cozy people but also extremely knowledgeable and professional colleagues. I have always felt safe to work in this collection of people. It is also important, he said.

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Over the years, he has reported on many major news events and some news events he remembers particularly well.

– The big, transformative, bewildering news was when the superpowers ceased to threaten each other with nuclear weapons every eternal day and when the Iron Curtain was lifted in Europe. When we got new neighbors we hardly knew, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. When Poland became free, and so on. It is the huge change. I hardly believe that you are younger can imagine the misery we lived in before. A Europe that was abruptly separated by a barrier in the middle, says Claes Elfsberg.

How have you managed to take some of these major news events?

– I usually compare it to the people who work at such an emergency room at a hospital. Staff must not stop to think if they become sad seeing the casualties and seriously ill people. We who work with news distribution relate in a similar way. It can get a little sad and think about things afterwards. Personally, I was very touched by the tsunami. It’s hard to explain but the news grabbed my heart in a way that other news has not done. You get clear of it afterward, he said.

Should freelancing

Now waiting for a life as a freelancer and Claes Elfsberg expect that he will be able to work full time. Initially there will be at least a lot of early mornings for the popular television profile. In January starts his new mission, to be the host of “Good morning Sweden” on Fridays with Marianne Rundström . He thus leaves no SVT brand, however, he had wanted to continue the company as a permanent employee.
– I’m disappointed, not primarily on national television but the way you have to look at retirement in Sweden. It is quite unreasonable that one should have a definite age limit for how long people should be working. Let the people decide it themselves, says Claes Elfsberg.

Cecilia Gralde, news anchor :

– It feels weird. We’ve worked together for almost four years and spent a lot of time together. I have learned a lot from him. He is very good at improvising in the broadcast. He finds himself in different situations and very calm. Then, he is also very caring. A sjyst person.

Nike Nylander, news anchor:

– He is extremely professional, extremely quiet and are so seasoned. He is calm and cool even in very dramatic situations. But what surprised me is his humor. He’s incredibly fun to work with. We have laughed enormously when we worked together. His humor can be a bit unexpected and screwed in from. But it’s fun.

Ulf Johansson Programme national news SVT:

– He is unique as a news anchor and we have assured us that he will continue in us. Starting in January, he will be host of “Good morning Sweden” on TV every Friday and it can certainly be more. As a news anchor, I have never met such a super-professional person of high integrity and capable of almost any situation on the air. It is, I am incredibly impressed.


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