Saturday, November 14, 2015

They help Gina lead mellon – Aftonbladet

gina dirawi, both expected and unexpected company.

Aftonbladet can reveal that Sarah Dawn Finer and William Spetz will help her to lead the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

– The hosts will be presented next week, said a source with good insight.

gina dirawi , 24, will lead Melodifestivalen 2016 could Nöjesbladet reveal the beginning of October.

She is the host for all six live broadcasts, with various program management colleagues at his side.

First, next week plans SVT to present all the host but now you Nöjesbladet reveal two of the names, artist Sarah Dawn Finer , 34, and comedian William Spetz ; 19.

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Is the youngest ever

SVT wants to broadcast next year celebrate the 15th year that the Eurovision Song Contest goes on tour and that 2016 is 60 years since the first Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast from Lugano in Switzerland.

Therefore, during the races and Second Chance use of known and established Eurovision profiles that program management colleagues to Gina, to pick up the goodies out of what has been. Previously, Aftonbladet reported that Sarah Dawn Finer been asked and now it is clear that she will appear in one of the programs.

And when finals and Second Chance symbolize the previously successful years would SVT that the final program, sent from the Friends Arena on March 12, looks to the future.

Therefore, they have chosen where the youngest program director in Melodifestivalen history, William Spetz, who will flank Gina. Spetz became known through YouTube and has since made several humor series on SVT Play.

No sidekicks

Several times, various types of sidekicks become popular figures during the broadcasts, including Sissela Benn character Filippa Bark 2015 Dolph Lundgren 2010 and Björn Gustafsson in 2008.

But according Nöjesbladet informant select the next years away sidekicks for the benefit of different guest host in each program and Dirawi as the safe recurring item in the series.


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