Thursday, November 19, 2015

Västerbotten Police have confirmed that at the moment carried out a great … – Örnsköldsvik Allehanda

According to a witness to is the current asylum accommodation, which consists of four buildings, overcrowded.

People who gathered outside were driven away by the police.

– I went in and looked from the window and saw how the police came running with weapons and shields and searched several apartments. When they came out, they had brought with them several people, said an eyewitness

– They drove four cars so it was at least four people they brought with them. Everything went quiet about it, the only ones who shouted were the police themselves.

According reporting from the scene, nine people have been arrested. These will be passed on to questioning.

The arrest should have gone calmly, according to Säpo. The threat level for Sweden was raised in connection with the 25-year-old called. It remains at the same level, 4 of 5, according to Säpo.

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If the arrest of bribing Muthanna Majid says Sapo Press Officer Sirpa Franzen:

– It’s been quiet about it. Now planned interviews with the person. The raid is conducted with the support of the police.

TT: Is it in the Boliden arrest occurred?

– I can not confirm the arrest is made, but it is a place in Sweden, says Sirpa Franzén.

Sapo appeals for tips and invites anyone who has information to leave to go to the Security Service website.

– We have many steps to go. Now take an intensive investigation work, and we remain very interested in this person’s movements during his time in Sweden, says Sirpa Franzén.

TT: Is it called the only one who has been arrested?

– This is a person who has been arrested.

TT: Is more inmates for interrogation?

– I can not go into the more investigative measures taken. There are several measures that remain and there is confidentiality of investigations, said Sirpa Franzén.

Västerbotten Police have confirmed that it conducted a major police operation in Boliden.

According to reliable sources of so sought effort to arrest the wanted Mutes Muthanna Majid.

But police are scant with information.

– We assist security police in their investigation, says Peder Jonsson, information officer at the Västerbotten police to

He refers to SAPO for further details and does not want to answer whether it is with the current rise in the security situation prevailing in Sweden to do:

– It’s like I say, we are assisting them in their case. We make different kinds of co-operations here in the Nord region.

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Around tells that there have been police presence since around 18:20. As it rolled, according to the person, a task force in with weapons:

On the question of how Mutes Muthanna Majid found says Sapo Sirpa Franzen:

– I can not go into. But it has been a solid police work, Security Service in cooperation with the Police, which has led to this arrest.

HH: Was it a tip from the public?

– I can not go into the details. There is still much that remains and we are very interested in this person’s movements so we do not want to risk ruining anything in the police investigation, said Sirpa Franzén.

Several independent sources told Aftonbladet that the suspected terrorist been in Sweden for at least three weeks.

– He lived in the apartment above me, he has lived there safely three to four weeks, said a neighbor told the newspaper.

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