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Katniss tactic is not violence but words – Göteborgs-Posten

Katniss Everdeen often acts without thinking. But she invests herself to protect those she loves and she values ​​the justice loud. Bella Stenberg hope she will inspire future heroines to change the world.

I apply as a volunteer! I will attend the hay!

When Katniss Everdeen pants until the words change not only her life, but ultimately the whole country.

Then she is only sixteen years old, a poor girl from one of the poorest districts in the country of Panem. When she is eleven dying father in a mining accident. It is he who has taught her about nature, to hunt and to shoot with bow and arrow. When the mother trapped in a depression, she had to use the lessons learned to take care of the family, she is the breadwinner and protector.

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This is probably because Katniss, after the initial shock and without really thinking, sign up to volunteer for the 74th Hunger Games when her twelve-year-old sister Prim’s name is called. Panem arose from the ashes of what was once North America.

After a rebellion punish the prosperous capital city every year the twelve districts of the Hunger Games. All sacrifices a boy and a girl to the live fight where only one can survive. For the capital, it is only entertainment.

It is too easy to see the parallels with developments in the world of today. The most telling dystopia are zero in the nearby; capitalism and reality TV, war, escape, poverty and global inequality.

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Katniss are grumpy , perverse, often acts without thinking. But she invests herself to protect those she loves and she values ​​the justice loud. That sometimes she appears emotionally cold is because she can not afford the luxury to feel or even to feel. Paradoxically, she is nevertheless an emotional man.

One reason for that she lost the people – and the real readers and viewers – sympathy is that she is one of us. She is not normal, but she looks ordinary out, could have been there. She has no super powers except for its strong sense, his pure heart and its highly targeted arrow. She’s no action hero without a human hero with nightmares, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Which is not a weakness but perfectly reasonable in her situation. To survive the evil and the nightmares she makes a mental list of all the good deeds she had seen someone do, and repeat it over and over again.

Long Katniss is a survivor more than a hero. Or someone who has become a hero to survive. She will be using their stylists “the girl that gives off sparks,” and the audience favorite in the Games, she gets the victory tour the spark that lights the fire of rebellion and she gets on the orders of the rebel president Härmskrikan, the symbol of the resistance. She’s a pawn in more games than she had long realize.

Maybe it , the highest recognition factor for the fans, what many young women more or less consciously identify with: the underlying but obvious struggle for the right to itself. Their feelings, their appearance, their life choices. Katniss has already early given up that right, only to take care of the family. Then stylists, game leader and President Snow. And finally to rebel President Coin. In many ways, she has no choice, but she has the resistance itself, large and small, and she was struggling to choose. For allow everyone to choose his life.

Like many other mythological and fictional heroes undergo Katniss hero journey, mono myth coined by Joseph Campbell in 1949. But when she was put to the test, overcame all difficulties, reached the goal, received the reward and resuming the ordinary world she is forced to go through it all again. President Snow breaks the rules, and facing a Kvartssekelkuvning with all previous winners as participants. The rebellion that turns into outright war will next trip.

Many have pointed out that a female hero’s journey is different than for a male. That so-called female and male qualities valued in different ways will be as problematic in the fictional worlds of the real. A woman in the hero role builds happy with “male characteristics” or as a contrast to them. But regardless of gender is an interesting, live role-figure complex and can be developed.

Katniss strength is to be himself. It is not noticeable at first glance, but her tactic is not violence, without words. She is the one who tells him when hunting companion Gale cold blood sacrifice innocent, who sees how even the struggle for freedom can go too far. She sees all the killing as something personal. In the first Hunger Games she kills only in self-defense and the principle she holds onto. Defense, not attack. Until it has gone too far – President Corolianus Snow, she wants to kill herself. But it is as much revenge as a way to survive. She is close to collapse when she realizes how many people died because of her actions, or because they fought in Härmskrikans name.

Compared with Bella Swan in the Twilight is that it is the love that makes Katniss to burn, without injustice. She does not seek actively a relationship, do not want to have children. Compared with the highly capable Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series made her not as a sidekick to a man (who would not have had a chance without her), but as an independent. Katniss is constantly one who defends the weak, but once she decided also a leader and a shifters. Just as Buffy Summers in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer she chooses its allies not among the so-called strong, but among those who are the underdogs and outside, but she is basically alone.

It is actually next to a comparison Katniss with just Buffy, a feminist icon who has become a role model for both TV viewers as countless descendants heroines. Perhaps Katniss important legacy be that audience, just like actress Jennifer Lawrence gets a reawakening of interest in society and the inspiration to change.


Today The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 , the final film based on the Suzanne Collins trilogy of hit novels The Hunger Games, catch fire and Revolt , Swedish theatrical release. Bella Stenberg writes of the protagonist Katniss Everdeen, a survivor more than a hero.


Bella Stenberg is a critic and culture writer and regularly participates in GP Culture. Reviewed the latest island peoples of Nanna Johansson and Christopher Smith.


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