Friday, November 13, 2015

Christmas Eve with many questions in “A wonderful fucking Christmas” – Radio Sweden

“A wonderful fucking Christmas” is the great Swedish film in December on who should receive funds to explode and be seen by all sorts of people together. Helena Bergström play with and directs here also his fourth film and Jenny Teleman have seen this comedy drama about a Christmas Eve that adult children should keep their loved ones.

The film is set during a Christmas Eve of the rare gayparet Simon and Oscar, a homophobic father a door mat mother, a Greek cleans father, his ex-wife, her Muslim toyboy, a big sister in crisis, a child, a retiree and a heavily pregnant friend of the couple to check Kalle together.
Helena Bergström is good at cleaning up the feelings around to fit in. To be a little living wrong and wrong and still get it absolutely necessary affirmation: we love you, you are good, you can be included.

But after this evening when questions about various and community collide, I wonder about the dilemma must shown by so many very clearly chiselled and different character traits of people doing things all the time and that is different.

And sometimes say: I am Greek My son is gay, you are Sverigedemokrat. So you should not miss.

But do not whine now. Robert Gustafsson and Maria Lundqvist carry loads thanks to clean body control. And much is worth the classic disaster evening drill. I mean how is it with this double daddy practice?

Just when one begins to digress a little at this so – holy macaroni, it is only ten minutes to spin up the whole movie on!

And so much is going on: The pregnant have stormed out alone in the dark after father Gustafsson had an almost nazihomofobt outburst against the whole baby project, the Greek cleans the father had made out with his ex-wife in secret, there have been two gnomes, big sister differs by phone, mother in law who is a bit racist, kicked in the butt, the Christmas tree is not caught fire but it is not on, and double-fathers are just beginning to hesitate about the legal implications of their choice so here in the ninth month, and wondering “what’s responsibility.”

How do they have time to fix the boiler, and småflirtar not big sister and toyboy little, and you really homophobic because they do not understand the new by mixing sperm in the jar and – shit, just five minutes left now! Increase increase! Solve loose.

Get in the car, find the girl, super angry Gustafsson-in-law that two hours have been man’s furious burst open, befriend the Greek, gets the girl to smile, meanwhile Bondar mothers in thirty seconds flat lying on your back on the mat the baby’s room and women, bögkillarna tightens and stops immediately be afraid of the implications, there lives a doctor in the neighboring house, he was Santa Claus, the water goes, one minute left – THERE! Born baby Jesus. Everyone happy. Or, not me so much. I think that it had also been able to remain on the couch and talk about things.


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