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My colleagues join in the criticism of the “Home at last” – Aftonbladet

Programs Leadership colleagues conclude in the criticism of the “Home at last” -redaktionen.

Stay Rappne, Lulu Carter and Jimmy Schönning agree with Björn Christiernsson that there is an “unhealthy workplace “.

– I resigned. Then they offered me more program time, I requested that they would receive leadership training in place, says Bo Rappne.

Bear Christiernsson 41, describes the “Home at last” as an “unhealthy workplace”. Now close the program management colleagues Bosse Rappne 53 Lulu Carter , 54, and Jimmy Schönning , 48, up to criticism.

– I myself have been irritated by this. For two and a half years ago, I got fed up and told me. Then they offered me more program time for me to stay, but I requested that those working on the editorial staff would receive training in organization and leadership. They thought it was really weird, says Bo Rappne.

In the end, he allowed himself to still be persuaded to remain in the program.

– They got somebody shorter leadership training. But I left because I only do a little. When I’m recording I’ll fix everything on your own face, and just do what I should do. I do not want to be inside the organization more than that, he says.

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“Creepy hierarchical”

Lulu Carter wrote yesterday on his Instagram that she is still plagued by nightmares from large parts of their time in “Home at last”.

– Yes, it is indeed so. Bears are quite correct in their criticism and I was so glad that someone finally dares to say how it has been for all these years. Obviously, there have been periods that have been bright and cheerful too but if truth be told, I am ashamed to myself that I was out of the work environment for so long, she says to Aftonbladet.

What is it that is so terrible?

– There are so uncomfortable hierarchically. You go around and scared. All paws on the toe, no one dares to speak out and have nowhere to turn. And you know there is no point in arguing. I’m not lying if I say that I would take all the crap and everything gegg there, and I’m certainly not completely innocent itself, so it becomes a skandalbok never seen his counterpart in Sweden before.

Is not if TV4

While she stresses that it concerns a few people like Lulu Carter did not single out anyone by name.

– I have devoted several years to process my time “Home at last,” there’s enough there.

Jimmy Schönning had to quit the “Home at last” in 2011 after 10 seasons of the program. Now he is working again with Björn Christiernsson in TV3′s “Husräddarna”. While he shuts up the critics.

– It is important to say that there is TV4, we’re talking about. This is exclusively about “Home at last”. The editors have a hierarchical structure that very few workplaces and there is only one person who really taken advantage of, he said.

“Plug in psychiatric emergency”

Schönning, just as Bjorn Christiernsson and Bo Rappne, testify how many have been forced to stop in the newsroom through the years:

– If this was an ordinary workplace, not a TV show, so had someone needed to examine why so many have been dismissed from the editors. It would bring in somebody management and try to find the essence of the problem and then you would have to plug in psychiatric emergency service, for so serious it is.

“Finally hemma” producer of the production company Meter, Daniel Röös has told Aftonbladet that he did not recognize themselves in Björn Christiernsson criticism.

– It is very sad that Björn feel like this and I do not recognize it, ‘he said then.

Stay Rappne:

– They just do not listen. Daniel know what I think, I have been frank with him and tried to take it out here.

Hope that the issue is raised in the newsroom

Rappne, who still participates in the “Home at last” is everyday president of Castle Garden Ulriksdal with 60 employees. He hopes that the criticism will develop “Finally hemma” editorial board.

– My wish is that they raise this question in the newsroom and talk about it, not just once, but regularly. It is part of an organization. Everyone has made mistakes and nonsense sometime in life, but you need the fucking learn. We can not continue making the same mistake all the time. One must create a climate where you can talk about things that are difficult.

But where is really the “unhealthy”?

– It is very, but one example is taunts, sarcasm becoming harder and where the recipient may laugh the first three times, but the 56th time it’s not fun anymore. And others see it and know it is wrong, but do not dare say no to it may have the consequence that they themselves then do not get to keep working.

For the saying received?

– Yes, it has happened many times. People have got to stop because of the so called management problems.

Nöjesbladet has unsuccessfully sought “Finally hemma” producer Daniel Roos comments about the new criticism of the work of the editorial staff.


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