Friday, November 27, 2015

Safe & old fashioned Spielberg – Aftonbladet

drama USA, 1957. Lawyer James Donovan is assigned to protect a Russian spy, but quickly becomes aware that the trial is about pure PR. He is not expected to seriously try to save Rudolf Abel from the electric chair. Now he does it anyway, and end up eventually in Berlin to negotiate a prisoner exchange.

“Spy The Bridge” is based on a true story, Steven Spielberg has directed and brothers Coen script polished. Of their involvement does not show much, however it is very Spielbergskt: habilt, entertaining, sentimental. Gammeldags and secure, much like syrup loaf of bread with salami.

The film is medproducerad of Participant Media, which stated specializing in movies with a political agenda, and in Basically, “the agents ‘bridge’ on how many rules and laws we can allow politicians to abandon “in the national interest,” and “liberty and justice for all” really applies to everyone. In the end there is a rapid scene where Donovan sees some kids busklättrar over fences between houses in New York, and we know that he is thinking about the people he had seen risking their lives trying to cross completely different walls. There is a scene in all its simplicity hitting hard.


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