Monday, November 16, 2015

He won the chefs struggle for utklassning – Expressen

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After a finale that almost could be called a utklassning stood Malmo Chef Peter J Skogström as the winner of the TV4 program of Chefs struggle.
 - With the utmost humility, one can say that I had a very good day at work, says Peter J. Skogström after the win.

Even when the last entree was served, it was quite clear that Peter J Skogström would take home the victory in this year’s edition of the chefs struggle.
– I have not digested it yet, it will be well now that the program has been transmitted it will take in it. I see it as proof that I am a qualified professional, he says.
Would you call it utklassning in the final?
– Well, it would be well to do . With humility, you could say that I had a very good day at work.
The program was filmed in the middle of the Swedish summer, in July this year, but there was no guarantee that it would work under pleasant conditions.
– What is not shown on television is that it was cold. We stood in that drafty barn and cooked food in twelve degrees and windy. One had to have both long johns and underwear in chef clothes, says Peter J. Skogström.
He believes that competition has is professional and has a good approach while showcasing the participants craftsmanship.
– The entire consignment is like a live broadcast where it is very unusual to stop. Many people think we do a lot of retakes, and so, but there was none at all
When he is not competing itself sits Peter J Skogström himself happy with the jury in cooking competitions. Otherwise, he’s busy running their six restaurants, which he thinks of visitors appears to have increased since he started racing on TV.
– I think I have gained more confidence in my entrepreneurship since I was in contest. I am passionate about building, he said.

Description: Rickard Lindblom

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