Friday, November 20, 2015

Dirawi as julvärd is an excellent choice – Aftonbladet

The choice of gina dirawi as julvärd, can be interpreted in several ways:
A mark of public service broadcasting for the multicultural Sweden.
poverty of ideas, then you will soon receive the feeling that she leads every damn program in SVT.

Well, the latter is true of course not, but the 24-year-old rising star – the youngest of all julvärdar by Times – shows undeniably very much in the box now and the immediate future.
Eight episodes of her reportageserie “Gina’s World” rolls on SVT 1 on Sunday evenings.
Ten episodes of “Edit: Dirawi” interview series is displayed in SVT 2 on Thursdays.
In mid-December, she leads over several evenings “Music Aid 2015″ together with Linnea Henriksson and Kodjo Akolor .
In our she leads the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time, together with a number of celebrities with experience in the same program.
Maybe she can not even be totally cleared away from getting there most prestigious program leader’s work next year, to lead the Eurovision song contest, when it sent from the Globe Arena in Stockholm in May.

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Is it poverty of ideas of SVT heads? She has received an offer from TV4, so they want to keep her in a good mood?
Fully expected, was in any case not directly elected.
Self tipped me duo Erik Haag / Lotta Lundgren . For that they have become a popular and well-liked programledarpar by “Historieätarna” and for bringing this year’s advent calendar together, it had as well been a nice rounding of the 24 sections.
Just Lotta Lundgren also stood as one, on a spelfirmas Odds list.
Others with low odds were Mark Levengood , Edward Bloom , Niklas Strömstedt , Babben Larsson Hans Rosling , Fredrik Lindström and Sanna Nielsen .
Leif GW Persson was a dream of some people which of course were no realistic thoughts behind.

gina dirawi was far down on the list, had 40 in odds.
Personally, I had not thought of her, mainly I think because it tends to be a little older persons with experience in creating the Christmas spirit in their own homes, with their own children.
On reflection, it is of course an excellent choice.
that she ” go through the box “like few we already know.
Can she then bring the” tingling “she has always known before Christmas into the television studio, she talked about the press conference, when she was presented as julvärd, it becomes certainly both pleasant and fun.
Since one can also see it as a valuable mark of public service television, for our multicultural Sweden.
The dark forces that do not like the development of the country (which has existed throughout time …), you can probably even imagine a conspiracy. There stood the SVT deputy program director Safa Safiyari , whose family fled here from Iran when he was a teenager, and said that this year julvärd had called and nagged him about getting the job and – presto – she got it Also, gina dirawi, born in Sundsvall, in a family with Palestinian roots from Lebanon.
So Sweden appears today. And it’s really pretty obvious that it should appear on TV too. Even on Christmas Eve.

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