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Motörhead set the concert in Aarhus – Expressen

Motörhead forced to cancel another concert in Aarhus.

The guitarist Phil Campbell is still in hospital – but will be flown directly to the gig in Gothenburg.

– he must take it easy on stage, but he will play as it looks Today, says her colleague Mikkey Dee.

The guitarist Phil Campbell was earlier this week acutely ill and had to go to hospital in Berlin. Motörhead had to cancel their concerts in Berlin and Hamburg, that would have taken place this weekend.

“Our brother, guitarist Phil Campbell, has suddenly been hospitalized. He will feel better soon but there is no alternative other than to set the show in Berlin, “wrote the band on their official Facebook page on Friday.

Now, forced metal band set another gig, with only two days left until they are on the stage in Gothenburg.

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The set concert would have been in Aarhus, Denmark, in the morning Monday.

But Mikkey Dee, the drummer of Motörhead, says Phil Campbell are flown in directly from Berlin to the gig in Gothenburg on Tuesday.

– he must take it easy on stage, but he will play as it looks today. Phil is flown in from Berlin and the hospital where, directly to Gothenburg. Then we drive Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and the gigs in Germany that was moved, he said.

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What Phil Campbell suffered want Mikkey Dee not to tell.

– We know exactly what it is, but we do not want to go out with it right now. It was an emergency situation, now with hindsight, now that he’s repaired, not a danger. There was an emergency and that he’s taken care of.

The reason they canceled the gig in Aarhus, and not moved it to the other gigs, he tells us is that they were short on time.

– We would play less gigs there and we had to be away for ten. At the same time, we must not where Phil in time either, so it was quite natural to set, says Mikkey Dee.

Motörhead play in Gothenburg on Tuesday, December 1st. On Friday, December 4, have the concert in Stockholm.

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