Monday, November 30, 2015

Books stringent requirements – for the Eurovision Song Contest – Expressen

Here is Anna Book tough ultimatum on TV to set up the “Eurovision Song Contest 2016″.

Schlager Star demanded that crime writer Camilla Läckberg would write her song.

– I said “I’ll have Camilla or there will be nothing,” says Anna Book.

Anna Book is back in popular music. Next year veteran competing in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Heaven for two”. But from the beginning, Anna Book sent another song to SVT, which was rejected.

– I have been asked to attend several times before, but declined. But now I took a private initiative and received a prompt reply to SVT wanted me, but not my song, says Anna Book.

Instead, offered the canal Anna Book another song. But to compete with the song, which was written in English, asked pop star an ultimatum on TV.

– I said I want to sing in Swedish, and I wanted to Camilla Läckberg would write the new text . I said, “I should have Camilla or there will be nothing,” says Anna Book.

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Anna Book “Do not be satisfied with Läckberg’s text”

Läckberg accepted the assignment, but was repeatedly rewrite their texts for Books preference.

– I was not happy with Camilla text directly . But it was not she herself either. As we talked, she wrote about it a few times, we met at her and then it was firm, says Anna Book and continues:

– It was hard, but now I’m here to win. I think I can win. This is a winning song.

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Camilla Läckberg in place during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Christer Björkman confirm that SVT quickly switched into Camilla Läckberg to write the text.

– Läckberg had sent several songs, but they were not right for us. But when we called about Anna’s song snatched her away. I got a text after two days, Anna had some opinions and then it was firm, says Christer Björkman

Camilla Läckberg will also be in place in the green room during the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

– Camilla will be on the trip. She will be heavily pregnant, so she should wear a glittery gala dress and sit like a disco ball in the green room, says Anna Book.

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