Sunday, November 15, 2015

Madonna’s secret departure from Sweden – Aftonbladet

Shortly after nine o’clock on Sunday evening left the superstar Sweden.

During the day, Madonna had relaxed at the hotel in central Stockholm.

Now, she has done her in Sweden, at least for this time.

She broke box office records on the Tele 2 Arena (40,557) in Stockholm last night and held Moreover, a number that had the audience crying.

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During the evening blinked several cars toward one of the buildings belonging to the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, where the superstar slept last night and where she has spent his day. The first car that arrived there had responsibility over Madonna’s luggage, among other things, a huge juicer have been loaded.

Had no time for autographs

A dozen fans stood patiently and waited in the wind outside the Grand Hôtel, some had been waiting for hours to get an autograph, but Madonna did not have time to write some . Superstar rushed to jump into the last of the cars that stopped outside the hotel and then went on to the airport where a private plane was waiting with the engine running. Shortly after nine o’clock on Sunday evening lifted private plane from Bromma Airport.

Left concert immediately

This was Madonna’s first concert in Stockholm and she chose to perform songs such as “Like a Virgin” “La Isla Bonita” and “Material Girl”. But she also got the audience to cry when she talked about the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday.

– I was going to set my concert this evening but then I thought, why should I do it? All the places where people were killed are actually places where people should have fun. Nobody should be allowed to stop us from doing what we love, she said among other things in his speech.

Madonna chose to hold a minute’s silence for all the people who were killed during Friday’s terrorist attacks and dedicated Edith Piaf song “La vie en rose” to everyone in France .


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