Friday, November 27, 2015

Win a trip for Suede in Oslo – Gothenburg Post

On January 22 release Suede her new album Night Thoughts.

Already on Thursday 3 December, you and a buddy to be on an exclusive disc playback in Oslo. Suede themselves are of course also on site. Travel and hotel included.

On February 3, then play Suede at Cirkus in Stockholm. In your profit included two concert tickets.

Follow these steps:

Figure out the answers to the three tips questions below. Write the answer line in an email.

Also answer the question: What is your absolute favorite song of Suede, and why?

Send the email, which shall include your name, phone number and email address, to

Last 22 o’clock Sunday, November 29 we would like to have your answer. Winner will be announced at 10 am the following day.

Question 1: What’s the lead singer of Suede?

1 – Brett Anderson

X – Liam Gallagher

2 – Jarvis Cocker

Question 2: What was Suedes first single?

1 -Animal nitrate

X -Metal Mickey

2 – The Drowners

Question 3: What year was split Suede, later to reunite?


X -2002



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