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Idol ‘criticism against Laila after broadcast – Expressen

First, demanded Laila Bagge police on the ground that protection – and got it.

Since she received criticism from several “Idol” committers because she only told me that Amanda Winberg was sick live and had a sick bag in the wings.

– I did not know that Axel was unwell, but I had seen Amanda says Laila Bagge.

After the elevated terrorhotsnivån became “Idol” -jurymedlemmen Laila Bagge, 42, worried about the safety of the TV4′s “Idol”. Something that got her to call TV4 and require that police officers would be in place during Friday’s live broadcast.

– I did not know how security would be. I said I want the police there, after the last day’s events. It is not enough security guards, they have nothing in itself that makes it possible to defend at all, says Laila Bagge and continues:

– It does not feel good after the last day, how it develops. You want to be careful. Before, I was really worried. It was a requirement of me to know that security was in place before I showed up.

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At the same time revealed Laila Bagge live that Amanda Winberg had a sick bag backstage. Amanda Winberg herself says that she is very cold.

But Axel Schylström, 23, was also ill. Something that in retrospect was criticized by the idols Simon Zion, 26, and Martin Almgren; 27.

– The misunderstood who was sick before, Axel was the one that felt really bad. It was really sad. Maybe it would somehow go back to Axel was not feeling so well during their performances, says Simon Zion.

– rightly, I think that if you feel unwell, they should viewers know it, says Martin Almgren.

Afterward told, however, Laila Bagge she did not know that Axel Schylström was ill when he went on stage.

– I did not know that Axel was unwell, however, I had seen Amanda. I heard after that, she did not come up in the high notes, says Laila Bagge.

In Friday’s “Idol” expressed the participants specially written songs. And after Amanda Winberg, 19, prominent criticized the jury verses.

– I agree that it has a very strong chorus, and I can understand how they see it but I’m very happy with the song. Since it is clear that we had a lot of pressure, and I have not been able to influence and build up the song says Amanda Winberg.

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She disagreed with the jury that the record company would have added a rap in the specially written song.

– I know that the jury has great views, but in this case I am satisfied that I was not rapping, in this particular song, says Amanda Winberg.

It was finally Axel Schylström who were forced to leave the race. He says that he cried after the announcement.

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– It does not always go as planned. There were tears, and it may be the latter as well. I’m really sorry, but when it has subsided, I will be pleased, too, he says.

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