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Helena Bergström: “To the kids moving is hard” – Expressen

After a lengthy – and for the uninitiated totally unnecessary – makeup workouts before shooting sit Helena Bergström finally opposite me at a restaurant table. The time has shrunk, but Helena speaking, breaks off, starts again, leaving sentences unfinished and associates in all directions (“there’s a little ADHD”), laughing, asking if my daughters, talking about the refugee disaster, responding Colin Nutley Mobile and ordering the fish and Coke as if we had all the time in the world.

It’s very nice.

She has gone from experimental “Friends” to become an institution. She has seduced the entire Swedish population as Colin Nutley’s muse and leading lady, was Stockholm City Theatre for many years now, where she made it to themselves to challenge the theater’s conventions with a female Hamlet or defying gender roles sadistic CEO.

Now she has directed his fourth film, “A wonderful fucking Christmas!”.

– How tolerant are we Swedes really? she says, sipping Coca Cola. This is where we are inside and paws with this movie.

The film is about a Gay Couples who have decided to live together and have children with her female best friend. They have decided to tell the good news to their families – who never met – on Christmas Eve … What could be better? Tolerance feast, Jesus Birthday!

– When will all love each other and that one should be nice (laughs)! It is a motley crowd of family, but that’s how the world looks like today. It’s a hot movie – it’s fun going into the bargain. But it’s not just a comedy – you laugh a lot because there are many drastic scenes, but in the midst of it all, there are black …

She is proud of making an audience to turn the film on a topic we need talk about right now – the tolerance.

– I believe myself to be tolerant self, she says. In the past I was just angry Helena, but in recent years I have gone several gender courses and trainings that were interesting. When I started to factually ensure standards and structures of our society, I suddenly understood – Nämen god, this is what I have been screaming about for all these years!

No to the Ingrid Bergman role

Husband Colin Nutley is a role model and Helena pairs rather together their new film “House of Angels” than any of her own.

– It is also about tolerance and fear of the unknown. It could have been any of the characters in this film that comes to motorcycle … “House of Angels” ask the same questions and have many features in common with “A Wonderful fucking Christmas!”. It’s a different energy if Colin or me doing the film – even though you know that it comes from the same family …

Helena has come a long way since “Friends” and “The Women on the Roof”. She was undoubtedly the biggest female movie star, although she never sought after Hollywood – when the Americans wanted to do for “Under the Sun” with Helena as a modern Ingrid Bergman against Liam Neeson and James Gandolfini, she thanked no and stayed home. Now she instead directed three successful films. Including August Strindberg’s “Miss Julie” which she especially made for it to be shown in schools.

– There was someone who said to me that Miss Julie’s mentality – tread on me, I deserve it – not is in Sweden today – but it does! If you do Miss Julie to one of these young women who cut themselves. That’s the girl I made – that discussion I brought into the classroom. Why does she do that?

Despite all the experience she sees still challenges.

– My own movies are my challenges – and in a way, every role is a challenge because I have not done it before . I can process. I know that two weeks before the premiere, I just want to go home and pull a blanket over his head. I feel that I am CROOK, know that there will be a complete disaster. It is still not so that I know exactly how this nut should sit – it is perhaps COCKEYED – but I have the tools to screw it in. Recently, I played “Lady of the Camellias” with a wonderful director – but it was a set, I felt uncomfortable. I felt out of place – too old for the role it would play. It was 10-15 years ago we talked about the “Lady of the Camellias” and now I play the young girl – it was anxiety-ridden for me.

No age Madness

She enjoys passing 50th

– But I must avail myself of it, I have the 51-year-old! The next theater role I will do is “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” – Where fit enough my experience better. Playing woman and pretend I’m a lot younger was cumbersome for me. There is a catch with me to fight to be young – I am the age I am! I can not rewind the tape – either physically or mentally!

Helena has been his favorite actor for “A Wonderful fucking Christmas!”.

– I’m really proud of everyone. Robert Gustafsson will show their breadth – I can sometimes sense a Lars Hansson Robert. He has a technique that’s crazy brilliant and now that he’s gotten older, there is also a new weight. And Maria Lundqvist – I have the experience of playing against Maria – there’s no one I can improvise to like Maria … she’s absolutely brilliant.

Helena both directs and plays Carina – the mother of one of the guys .

– When I started directing, I felt, God, how lonely it gets! Now I sit in the makeup and gossip … this film is very much an ensemble – the most happening under one roof and it is very intense. It was a bit crazy atmosphere that made all became very relaxed. I did remove me as much as anyone else – was about to run into with headphones in a scene (laughs) … I make an almost embarrassed pillow role, and to see the director to go into it … I think it was a relaxed atmosphere because I also played …

Oro has always been a big part of Helena’s life. Throughout her childhood, she worried her mother Kerstin Widgren during Helena’s teenage fought against a cancer that she ultimately defeated. It was not until she ended up in Mississippi as an exchange student as the unrest disappeared. Then came the children. Fixed now even the turmoil drop – but in the present, Helena only when she jumps with her horse, standing on stage or recording a movie.

“A difficult period”

Tim still lives at home and in his last year in high school, but Molly has moved away from home and has been working as an actress since graduation.

– It is a difficult period when children leave, just in the mining period. I have been a mother so intensely. Stayed at and fixed and Donatists and so suddenly – Naha, now there was no home at all tonight! It is no wonder that many couples look at each other and wonder – who are you?

She herself is not quite in the same situation. After 25 years together, she knows quite well who Colin is.

– We supported thrashed against each other all the time. Talk about work and life …

Both Helena and Colin believes in marriage – perhaps because Colin was married when they met and they had to fight for his love. Free conditions is not their style – and a vacation on its own does not feel attractive.

– No, I think that would be really weird! It is not just to go without my husband feels strange – to go without my children feel as strange. But I must well get used to …

She breaks off.

– I actually have a film idea about this – a couple helps the child to leave home and come home after to have carried all the furniture and looking into each other’s eyes – no, but, you, I have not really had time to hang out with … they must find another way to continue …

Sounds like another success .


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