Saturday, November 28, 2015

The secret behind the game “Idol” -juryns coup – Aftonbladet

Three would be two – then came the shocking news: All three go on.

“Idol” -juryn had managed to get through his secret plan.

– Nobody knew about this, says Alexander Bard of secrecy.

There was total confusion – then euphoria.

“Idol” -juryn announced that the whole “super troika” – Amanda Winberg , 19 Simon Zion , 26, and Martin Almgren , 27 – moved on to the finals, they took both the idols and viewers on the bed.

According to Alexander Bard was also large parts of production that did not know about the “Idol” -juryns coup.

– No one knew about this. There were two at TV4, two in Fremantle (production, editor’s note.) Pär Lernström and we the jury who knew about it, all the others were taken by surprise. Otherwise it would have leaked, so it was just to shut up. We talked not even in our microphones because then the audio bus heard, says Alexander Bard.

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“Then we would have had to set”

He believes that if the secret plan leaked would have cracked.

– When we had to cancel, that’s not possible.

It was on Monday that the jury began to discuss the possibility of taking all three semi-finalists to the final.

– I and Laila were on fire right away, we said that we do, it’s the last year. But then it was Anders who said “what viewers then?”. Yes that’s right, they have to, we have with us also. There was no point in even talking to TV4 and Fremantle if we had an idea that can be implemented, he says and adds:

– First, they will say is “oh so much more work this became suddenly “and” now all shut up, no, we have to do this “.

How difficult was it to keep quiet?

– I do not think it was difficult but Anders Bagge mouthed for her mother last night. I was on the verge to smack him. He tells us all things for his mother.

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TV4 should have been hesitant

“Idol” -finalerna have seen exactly the same in all years . TV4 is now forced to change the whole set-up is a great work and reportedly Nöjesbladet canal was first reluctant to carry out the coup.

Clara Ytterborn , executive producer of “Idol,” wants does not reveal exactly when the decision was taken.

– We have talked to the jury in different rounds during the week, exactly when we heard about the idea, I can not say but the decision was taken during the week.

According to our records, you were first hesitant to do that the jury wanted, what do you say about it?

– Well I can say this, that it was a great decision that we really wanted to think through. We were interested and amused by the idea but you always want to make a good decision.

The change will mean busy days for the “Idol” -The production.

– Yes, there will be lots of additional job because there are three that should have songs in the final. I can not go into exactly everything that we do. But it feels really good that we can do this, what luxury.

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