Thursday, November 26, 2015

Magnus Härenstam: “A spoiled generation” – Aftonbladet

It was one of his last major interviews.

“Meat Mountain checking out” says Magnus Härenstam of his generation – and what went wrong.

– We have managed to move to it properly on the ground.

In this week’s episode of SVT program “Meat Mountain checking out” interview with TV host Claes Elfsberg his old friend Magnus Härenstam . The interview was conducted shortly before the people dear host and entertainer went away and the program concludes Magnus Härenstam how he sees the look in his own generation – the 40′s generation.

– To use modern parlance, one could say the worst robber gang. We are extremely fortunate and spoiled. Since one can of course argue that we are very skilled and laborious, but we belong to a very spoiled generation that could afford large societal constructions as pension and insurance systems, he says, and continues:

– And possibly also starts to conduct a kind of greed. Now it is privatized, let it out even more bullets.

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“I am enormously proud”

Magnus Härenstam also got to talk about his best TV memory – “Five ants are more than four elephants”.

– I am enormously proud of it and it was Brasse and Eve also. We had certain goals that we would actually help to even out the differences before the start of school, the children who came from stimulating home environments, and those who were more weak-rooted and get the community on a more equal level.

On the question of the was obviously to make a children’s program “Five ants are more than four elephants” responds Magnus Härenstam:

– Nay! TV2 was the red channel, with some justification for the label. His colleagues looked quite askance at us.

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“We had a terrible male ideals that fight “

Magnus Härenstam also told that he was the classic Lasse Hallström film was” I’m pregnant “, where both Magnus Härenstam played the leading role was a debate.

– You can not believe. Then had the Group 8 women’s movement and all sorts redstockings roared and said that we guys were among hounds who set up once and then disappeared up the football bleachers or in the pub.

“I’m pregnant” was a backlash.

– We said that we do what we can, but we have a terrible husband’s ideals to fight. We were then cruelly outraged that we were regarded as narrowly as just a one night stand.

“We have managed to move to the proper”

When Magnus Härenstam will be asked to summarize if there is something that 40′s generation succeeded well as the handing over to others in the social structure, he has a hard time finding the words.

– Let me begin with the other side? We have managed to move it properly on Earth, that is. It is dreadful that these climate meetings can not come to any final decisions about how to take care of this mess that 40′s generation most have been co-created.

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Magnus Härenstam must also answer the question of how people think more of themselves today compared to when he was young.

– They think more of themselves out of sheer necessity. Now it is such a race in life, especially for the younger generation. It is a harder society simply.

“Meat Mountain checking out” broadcast in SVT2 at 20.00 on Sunday. The first episode will be attended also by the Benny Andersson , Schyman and Carl Bildt .


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