Friday, November 13, 2015

Lindqvist: What should Håkan do after Ullevi? – Göteborgs-Posten

The pressure of Hakan Hellstrom’s Ullevi stadium gigs are like nothing else in the Swedish concert history. When on Friday released a few thousands of new tickets slapped it again just to Ticnet servers. Poff! So the tickets out. Many were happy. Even more disappointed, frustrated. It was of course inevitable.

I have been at many hot ticket release, both the computer and shivering all night waiting for that door to be opened. There is nothing even resembling Hakan fever. The feeling is that just “all” want to Ullevi.

The entire spring will be one long increasing recharge before everything will explode first weekend in June. It will be crazy, amazing.

The question is what that happens then? What should Håkan Hellström get to after Ullevi? Will he be able to take down all this madness to a regular tour? Will he even be able to play in Gothenburg with less than his book in Ullevi, or at least the Scandinavium? There were actually quite a shame.

Håkan Hellström, tape and not least the publican creates magic Ullevi. But when it comes down to it Hellström an artist sprung from nowhere indie clubs. Although I think it’s wonderful the Ullevi stadium-goers I want him to somehow be able to stick to his story.

Ullevi concert will be unique exception, even for Hakan, in autumn, I want to see him on Lisebergshallen or Trädgår’n. Though vast, vast anywhere on Pustervik.

Is it possible to solve without the whole Järntorget blows away?


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