Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dirawis requirements for SVT for the Eurovision Song Contest – Expressen

It was not a matter of course for gina dirawi to accept that programs lead the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time.

She put certain requirements on TV and wanted something to say when it came medprogramledarna.

– When we agreed it felt good, says gina dirawi also talks about she has his deceased grandfather that aid before sending.

This year marks the Eurovision Song Contest 15 years on tour – and switches to the eight host throughout the competition.

The host will gina dirawi, which for the third time must shoulder the major role.

But it was not obvious to gina dirawi to accept the offer.

– Not at first, I wanted to know what it was, with who it was and it was not clear yet. It is clear that it is important for me that there should be people who reflect different things, so I said told about.

When she decided to accept the result Melodifestivalen 2016, she got more influence.

– You do not want to stand with someone, not because I have no such in mind, but someone who you do not think you could do something fun with. It is important that we have chemistry, viewers feel that there is something, she says:

– Of course they asked, “I have with me, William, how do you feel with William?”.

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And she put a straight requirements on SVT.

– I just said I wanted crap beautiful dresses, I just “I do not want bootlegklänningar”. People should check out each program and just – wow, what is she wearing? Another requirement had been that I want to do that with Edward af Sillén and Daniel Rehn, but they’re supposed to do it. So it was sort it, the dresses.

gina dirawi says that the mission means a lot of pressure and a lot of preparation.

In order to calm down the minutes before she goes on stage she will perform her routine.

– I always pray to God, I always pray a prayer. My grandfather died a few years ago, and he always thought very highly of me. So I usually say “this is for your grandfather,” so kiss me on my hand and then kisses me up at the sky.

– Every time I do it.

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Christer Björkman, producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, says that gina dirawi has been involved in the selection of medprogramledare.

– But at the same time it is important when doing this creative vision that it does not lock onto a person’s perhaps enjoying a meal in any event. We have tried to keep her informed and obviously interrogated us, “Is this someone you would like to work together with”.


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