Friday, November 27, 2015

Shock announcement: All on the “Idol” -finalen – Aftonbladet

Alexander Bard delivered the evening’s shock news.

Simon Zion, Amanda Winberg and Martin Almgren all go on to the “Idol” -finalen and the Globe.

– A small Christmas gift, says Alexander Bard.

They have been the favorites right from the start and in tonight’s semi-final was closer than ever between “super Troika “Amanda Winberg, Martin Almgren and Simon Zion. At the same time told all three that they now actually saw the Globe Arena in front of him.

The three performers had to perform two songs each that had been selected by the jury. Overall, got all three very good criticism of the jury.

– They are so freaking good all three. One can see it as either a luxury or a very shitty situation for those who can not even win. You really want to give a record deal to all three, it’s a fantastic trio, says Alexander Bard in the program.

Laila Bagge agreed.

– We have had a very high level in the evening and all three are worthy to stand in the Globe.

Anders Bagge noted that the evening’s semi-final is the strongest he had ever experienced in his years of “Idol” -juryn.

– There are three unique talents. All love to all three, he said.

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All proceeds

The idols were noticeably nervous during the vote. Then Alexander Bard delivered the shocking news from the jury.

– This is the last year we sit on the jury and we felt that we want to say a word to the three idols in front of us. We have never been in a semi-final with such strong talent. I want you to know it from the bottom of our hearts, he says and continues:

– As we become unemployed in eight days we have during the week sat and tried to concoct a little trick while we’re sitting in the semifinals.

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That little trick? For the first time ever, all three idols in the semifinals advance to the final. This gives the whole “super troika” singing in the Globe next week.

The idols were on the bed and looked visibly taken out.

– This I was not really on, said a dazed Martin Almgren.

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