Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Martin Timell responds to criticism from Carter – Expressen

Martin Timell has been met with nasty comments – after harsh criticism the “Home at last”.

Now hit TV host back – and says it is sad that the carpenter Bjorn left the program.

– People have understood that we are enemies. So it is not at all, he says.

It was in an interview with Aftonbladet as a carpenter Björn Christiernsson sharply criticized “Home at last “.

There, says Björn Christiernsson of the decision to terminate the program. He bears witness to a culture of “management by fear” and calls the work of “unhealthy”.

At the same time also went Lulu Carter, previously poked from the program, out and criticized the program’s “bullying and domination technique”.

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“Would you like viewers to know how many of the presenters and editorial employees, including myself, have been treated over the years, would you probably shocked,” wrote Lulu Carter on his blog.

Martin Timell says that he prefers kept out of the conflict.

The program director has been met with nasty comments, and says it makes him sad.

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– It’s TV4 who decides who will be working with this program. I just shit in the comments field. It just makes me sad. I do not need it. There are lot of nasty people, he said.

At the same time think Martin Timell it is sad for Bjorn’s sake. He further says that it is “sad” that the bear left the program.

– I think it’s sad for Bjorn’s part because he and I have worked together for ten years.

Are you friends?

– Yes, yes, damn. People have understood that we are enemies. That is not all. No no.

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