Friday, November 13, 2015

Super duel between Bieber and One Direction – Göteborgs-Posten

Will there be One Direction with his possibly final album or Justin Bieber who is now working hard on its good image, which reaches list of hosts first places? Pop world have wondered throughout the fall, on Friday will answer.

Already in September, speculation began. Was it really true that these pophimlens male teen icons would release their new album on the same day? And if it were true – which album would end up at the top of the charts, as the important album charts Billboard 200? Would it be popbandets or solo artist?

It is about the battle between One Direction Made in the AM and Justin Bieber’s Purpose.

At the end of September the One Direction that their fifth studio album and first with no Zayn Malik, Made in AM, to be launched worldwide on Friday 13 November. Even then, they released their hit pull me down and was able to look back on the successes of the previous four studio albums, all of which reached number one on Billboard’s album chart immediately after release. There was already evidence that this Friday in mid-November would also be the release date for Justin Bieber’s new album.

The fight began with the first singles. Drag me down immediately set a record: 24 hours the song 20 million listeners (currents) on Spotify. Bieber responded by topping the record. Bieber responded by topping the record. His What do you mean limit of 21 million listeners in 24 hours.

In the trade press was also noted that What do you mean got past the parsimonious critics raising eyebrows in a new kind of interest. Not so much for the video with the not so fanciful story of Bieber with scantily clad but indecisive woman. But more to the melancholy melody manifested that this was a new Bieber, a continuation of the trends seen since the young idol crashed their messy lives to be arrested for drunk driving in 2014. Ever since then had mostly Bieber made publicly breathed nothing new and softer.

“Bieber found a way to change the narrative about itself, a way of being seen in a better light,” writes Jeff Benjamin, music writer at

Autumn has since been dogged by single release from Bieber, not least, the video for his I’ll show you attracted attention, especially since the tourism authorities in Iceland aired their concerns to the artist’s fans should attempt the same vertigo-like walking track in the wonderful but fragile Icelandic landscape – or for that matter try to immerse themselves in the lake Jökulsárlón. Unfortunately, the new, the new logo is a thorn in Oslo last week, when an angry Bieber broke a mini concert where some fans snatched the towel, he tried to wipe the floor of the stage with. He later apologized on Instagram: “Unfortunately, it has been a tough week for me with long days without any sleep.”

One Direction upload has occurred in parallel with the ongoing tour On the road again, which reached Gothenburg in late June this year and last gig in Sheffield on 31 October. It is also the first tour that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan got to fix without defecting Zayn Malik. The tour has been dogged by speculation that it would be the band’s last. British newspaper The Sun said that the band will take a break in March next year to focus on solo projects. Meanwhile, the newspaper revealed that One Direction have decided to not tour with his new album.

Not that it makes the interest for the album less.

Already last month revealed band the entire track list for the album, first of all to the fans through a series of film clips on snapchat. The list of 17 songs is the longest so far among the band’s albums. The last song What a Feeling was released on Spotify on Wednesday and on Youtube is already a wide range of covers and comments from their fans.

Justin Bieber’s song list includes, by the way 19 tracks.

Facts : Justin Bieber

Born: was born March 1, 1994 in Canada.

Discovered: 2008 by Scooter Braun, who happened to come on Bieber’s videos on YouTube and later became his manager.

Followers on Instagram: 43.5 million. Following: 45

Fact: One Direction

Consists of: Harry Styles (born 1994), Louis Tomlinson (born in 1991 ), Liam Payne (born 1993) and Niall Horan (born 1993 only Irishman in the otherwise British band).

Founded: In July 2010, the seventh season of the British television series The X Factor, where the five members all had searched individually.

Followers on Instagram: 11.5 million. Following: 254


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