Monday, November 16, 2015

Tug on the Millennium role – Aftonbladet

It is tugging on the role of Lisbeth Salander.

Sony stated desire to have Swedish Alicia Vikander as the female heroine.

But when Nöjesbladet hits Rooney Mara, she says she does not voluntarily going to abandon Stieg Larsson’s iconic figure.

– I will play her until someone says otherwise, said she.

Rooney Mara , 30, portrayed Lisbeth in the American version of “Men who hate women”.

Breathtaking wage demands

But the planned the sequel came by himself and partly due to lack of box office success, partly because of the Daniel Craig breathtaking wage demands.

Now, Sony reboot the series and go directly to the fourth best-selling book, ” That which does not kill us, “written by David Lagercrantz .

Meanwhile, the company wants to replace the original cast of the American version.

But Rooney will not go voluntarily.

At a hotel in Beverly Hills she says that she heard that she poked, and judging from her statement, she has a contract that is still valid:

– As far as I know I will do the role, she says.

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“still fresh”

When asked what she likes to Sony plans to skip part two and three of Milliennium series and go directly to the latest book shrugs her shoulders.

– It’s a complicated question because I have not read the fourth book yet. I have it but do not want to read it until I know what happens.

– But I understand the idea behind the reasoning and think it’s smart. No one has made a film version of the book yet. It is still fresh.

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