Friday, November 27, 2015

Review: “Everyone can eat Christmas dinner” with The Hague and Lundgren – Aftonbladet

They are good at re-using the same concept over and over again.

Personally I think Erik Haag and Lotta Lundgren makes itself at its best as hosts, historian and comedian Christmas table.

They are everywhere now, apps wire pair from SVT succéen “Historieätarna” (good, but somewhat overrated). In this year’s Christmas calendar, a children’s version of the same program (only half successful, I think). As easily recognizable people in Martina Haag’s new novel (readable, funny, poignant, sad). And now we can eat Christmas dinner with them.

“An intensive julbordsätandets fine arts in five acts” is the manifesto.

Lotta dress up and talk. Erik naked (yes, he is naked again …) and joking.

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Will detach properly

It is faktaspäckat in a very entertaining way. Actually become clearly more fun to eat Christmas dinner when to do it more organized, talking with unknown table neighbors and be served dishes in a specific order.

After a slightly nervous start, Erik comes and Lotta off properly.

Has often annoyed for Erik’s way of talking bebisstockholmska, but here he has both sharp lines, great comic timing and is also fun physically. As in a number when Lotta some deliberately tedious grind dull facts, while Erik just gets hornier and hornier.

His best monologue is a hilarious lesson in how we eat Christmas dinner, so that the organizer goes back financially.

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Gura Gambling Lucia drinking schnapps

A highly unexpected element is how both mocks and celebrates, but above all effectively sponging off, Håkan Hellström, to make their show better.

We should not forget Julia Frey, a Lucia with electric guitar and voice as cracked as Miriam Bryant. Sings Christmas, snaps- and other songs. Had been happy to be involved even more.

They maintain between matturer. Every time it gets empty on the plate, I think: No, now they start again.

A good rating, if anything …

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