Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ison lived as homeless: “It strengthened us” – Aftonbladet

As the homeless could Ison Glasgow wonder why mom Linda took him from the full life in Queens.

But then he understood.

– I could be dead today, he said.

Mom Linda saw how the crack wave washed over Queens, New York.

So she took the six-year Ison Glasgow , from friends and boyfriends room, to his father Carson apartment in Midsommarkransen in Stockholm. He spread terror in the home, often she had to flee to avoid being beaten. Some times she managed not. Yet she spoke only good things about him.

– She has received the blow and fought, sat with me and hiding under a laundry table. And then she says’ he’s fantastic. ” It sounds strange, but I only get more respect for her. It proves what a strong woman she is, says Ison Glasgow.

became angry

Sometimes he was angry that they have not left.

– There was no which forced us in Sweden. As I got older, I realized that with the drugs. I could be in jail today, or not lived. I had a tough upbringing in Sweden, but it was my salvation.

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When the father moved back to Barbados again thrown Linda and seven-year Ison out on the street. They were forced to sleep in stairways, benches and Hotellhem. Linda danced outside Åhléns, Ison beat time on the drum.

– I thought it was really embarrassing, that the mother was forced to dance in front of people. Especially when peers gave me the money that they received from their mothers, who out of a machine. Then I felt weak.

After three years, they got an apartment in Mälarhöjden. Life unscrambled themselves. On the basketball court met Ison Felipe Leiva Wenger , which escaped from the Pinochet Chile and seen his single mother struggling with low-paying jobs to put food on the table.

Today, the success duo Ison & amp; Fille like tonight attracts audience of millions in TV4′s “So much better.”

“See it as a strength”

Ison Glasgow is difficult to see negative even in the years that homelessness.

– I see it as a strength that you did what was necessary and did not complain. We had nothing and had to fight. If I lose everything, I know that I can do, it is not everyone who has the basic sense.

Today, people come up and tell you that their music supported them.

– People say that the music helped them in difficult moments, that it helped them fight. We want to give ourselves hope, dare to dream. And then hope that it rubs off, says Phil.

“We certainly had been”

Fille have no contact with her father, Isons died when he was 13.

– Had we met now it had surely been lot of discussions and arguments. We certainly had been. I do not think it would have been good, perhaps it was intended that he died, said Ison.

He feels no hatred.

– You can not, it had not been for him I had not been here. But I did not like my dad when he beat my mother and when she hit him.

Sometimes reminded he and Linda about the tough times.

– We can laugh at it. We may say: “Do you remember that? It was a little crazy. It strengthened us. “


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