Sunday, September 21, 2014

After the election: SVT revalue news – Västerbotten Courier

SVT will reevaluate and revise all news and current affairs in the fall, according to SVT’s program director Robert Olsson.

– We want to take a new umbrella thinking about community journalism. What do we mean by investigation, what do we mean by debate, what do we mean by context, creative journalism. It is fully open, said Robert Olsson in an interview with “Culture News” on SVT’s website.

According to the program director, both the “Agenda” and “debate” may be repeated. He also says that SVT will be rough in the review itself.

The decision of a total overhaul comes after the media debate that arose after the election, where SVT among other criticisms of humor elements in their election coverage. The Company has received criticism from both viewers to have normalized the Sweden Democrats’ policies, while other viewers think it has demonized party. According to Olsson should SVT including review its approach to the party.

– I think there has been a discrepancy between the political parties and a large number of voters, but also between us in the media and many of our viewers / listeners / readers, says Robert Olsson in the interview.


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