Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lady Gaga invited to the Globe konstrevj – Expressen

Lady Gaga invited to rave on Globe.

Balloon Dances, confetti cannons, laser shows and neon colored plastic clothes doing what they can.

But techno party is a thinly disguised cover for what the superstar really seem to want to do.

When I saw Lady Gaga on Born This Way Ball tour in 2012, I left the Globe with black mascara streaks along the cheeks.

So did most people.

But, as surprising as the tears came then, equally distant sounds now.

For what I take me out from Lady Gaga’s artrave: The artball tour is a shrug and an uncertain feeling in the stomach that everything is not right.

When did the world’s biggest pop star mincemeat of emotional life on the audience with his madness, musicality and intimate relationship with their little monster (as the fans are called).

Now the madness is replaced by a dutiful summary of what used to be the artist Lady Gaga.

It feels sad.

Much is understood there: Thongs of leather and illgrön wig. A seahorse shaped keytar. Around 20 dancers. A pause in which she offers up a fan and sings “Born This Way” with her sob Spirit at his side. A speech about everyone’s right to be proud of himself.

Highlights like “Bad Romance” in konstrejvets characters.

But it’s like when you do a musical of an artist’s life, or when it is set up tribute shows to historic band glory.

And Lady Gaga is only 28, her career spans pluttiga eight years.

It is not the time to thank individually than .

Sure, it’s hard for Lady Gaga to shock at a time when there are 21 year olds who quit their shows by riding on a giant sausage.

But it is as if she does not give time to their own songs, some of 2000s biggest hits. Everyone is given democratically equal attention and care. She sings not even that good.

“When I was writing this record, I felt so bad that I had to lose myself in the hard, colorful music.”

When Lady now finds passion, it is curiously in the mature coat “You and I”. As if she does not feel comfortable at Ravet she was invited to, but would rather sit back as a Bruce Springsteen or maybe even more of a preachy U2 in one-woman version.

Neither scene in the beautiful underwater theme or the refreshing 90′s clothes and she poptechnon fläskar on with at the end should remedy that feeling.


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