Saturday, September 27, 2014

The book can lift Nisse Hellberg – Aftonbladet

Although the Nisse Hellberg is a Swedish rock music’s most successful careers feels he is still a bit underrated.

A new book can hopefully change that picture.

“History of the Nisse Hellberg & amp; Wilmer X “is something as unusual as a thorough, exhaustive and at long times very entertaining Swedish rock biography. Especially as Hellberg and co-author Mike Sjöblom has been careful that it should not be commodified and beautiful painting.

Anyone who knows anything about Hellberg know he is not only one of the both the most successful and longest surviving in the Swedish popbranschen.

Wilmer X began to creak for about ten years ago found the singer-songwriter quickly a way to reinventing herself as a solo artist, without really budge an inch from the mix of traditional blues, rock’n’roll and pop that has always characterized his songwriting.

Anyone know anything about Hellberg also know to his strong vision and desire are not always made him so easy to work with, which the members of the Wilmer X – during the 80s and 90s, one of the country’s largest and undoubtedly the best rock bands – to varying degrees experienced.

The book tells almost as much about the male group dynamics Metallica The film “Some Kind of Monster”. Clearly revealed how a long series of small decisions and some inability to communicate slowly let rust in the once happy reveling machinery.

In particular, we get through generous amounts of Hellberg’s own anecdotes, photos and drawings a very good picture of why he became a great artist he was.

We face cord child in the 70s Malmo who devote lots of time to have the safe but boring for himself during the Marc Bolan – and The Rolling Stones -affischerna in the boys room. The boredom begets dreams that become crystal clear full color vision of rock’n’roll and by equal parts disappointment, lucky coincidences and hard, pigheaded job turns into a solid career.

And whoever perchance not already realized it offered this deal of evidence that the 55-year-old also belongs to the Swedish music’s most articulate and insightful figures.

One of the book’s best pieces is a long conversation between Hellberg and Sydsvenskans By T Ohlsson that glides seamlessly between the First World War, BB King Wagner , Obamacare, foam gnomes and Chuck Berry .


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