Sunday, September 14, 2014

There you go – until he came out as a feminist – Aftonbladet

first appeared Pharrell in approximately 80 minutes.

It was like that.

Since outperformed the American star “Godron Scheumann.”

Understand that no one now thinks of the concert itself.

Easy happened.

No matter what you think about it – and whoever took the initiative – was Pharrells decision to come out of the closet as a feminist at the Globe an unforgettable PR coup.

Hey, the entertainment value of seeing one, a beginning, noticeably uncomfortable Schyman stuffa stiffly in last encore “Happy” is bigger than all pale indie bands I’ve ever stood and stared at the Way Out West. A classic Instagram-moment.

At most ordinary

But, before “Godron” did Pharrell Williams in all cases a very ordinary gig.

As a producer and songwriter in The Neptunes and NERD felt he was always part of the future.

But, as falsetto singing pop artist, he seems to be mostly interested in cashing in on the success of Daft Punk “Get Lucky”. Pharrell is investing in a funky and retro actively disco sound that he is not exactly alone.

Then he must immediately be compared with the history and names Chic and Michael Jackson and Prince and Sheila E and Madonna and Justin Timberlake and Quincy Jones . Pharrell dig oversized headgear, but the great entertainer hat he can not even carry up.

In addition, I do not stand out with his latest super hit ‘Happy’ anymore. Every time I hear it, I understand how Homer Simpson feels when he takes stranglehold on Bart and growls “Why you little …”

But there are versions of “Happy” and there are versions in which he presents song with a:

“Make some noise for Schyman.”

How can it be wrong?

Can understand all that now rages about Pharrell is a populist fake. Last spring he told DN that he does not deserve to be called a feminist. He it underlies the “Blurred Lines” – the song that created a global discussion about sexism and sabotaged Robin Thickes career.

But that Pharrell now stands up and says it’s time to women may rule the world and cheering leader of the Feminist Initiative – how can it be wrong? Make the world worse? What have I missed?

In addition, I have seen far more infantile figment of party leader debates on national TV, talk shows here and there and in Almedal than Pharrells and Gudrun’s little fling.

We have probably the election campaign we deserve, as usual.

Plus on all the songs

Come get it bae

halfhearted lyxfunk.

Frontin ‘

The Neptunes felt once as Rick James young heir.


rather listen to Chic.

Marilyn Monroe

One of the highlights of the latest album “GIRL”.

Brand new

reminds me a lot of vignetting music to the TV series “30 Rock.”

Hot in Herre / I Just Wanna Love You (Give It To Me) / Pass the Courvoisier, Part 2

short snippets of hits from the past.

Rock Star

Limp Bizkit.


Unfortunately, more dull than dirty.

She wants to Move

This will only work Pharrells and rapper Shay’s mix of hip hop, funk and NUMETAL above expectation.


Prefer snoops version.

Drop it like it’s hot

Brilliant. Strangest the beat ever become a hit? May be these heavy click.

Aerosol Can

Bo-bop-boom. And not much more.


toughest minutes in a long time.

It Girl



Soundet fits Justin Timberlake better.

Hollaback Girl

Gwen Stefani’s hit single sounds like cheerleaders smoked crunk.

Blurred Lines

At least not as silly as Thickes variant.

Get Lucky

Disco guitar. Robot voices.


Lose Yourself to dance

As I said – it does not long a bit after to see these songs with authors Daft Punk.

Gust of Wind

The next disc should contain only soft AOR disco.


“The Dance”

Pharrell Williams

Globen, Stockholm. Audience: Almost sold out. Height: 1 hour and 30 minutes. Best: In addition to Daft Punk’s robot voices in the “Get Lucky”? Yes, it must surely be to see Gudrun “dance” in “Happy”. Worst: “Freq.”


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